Paul's Guitar!!!
Subject: Paul's Guitar!!!
From: tpinna on 05/02/2009
Hi, I'm sending a photo of Paul's guitar, the one he broke during the concert in Lima - Peru. It has the signatures of all the members of the band.


Roberto Pinna.
rocked CHILE !
Subject: KISS rocked CHILE !
From: jugonatural on 05/02/2009
it's been 26 days since i went to the Santiago Rock City concert and I am still thinking about the songs, the fireworks, the icons...the whole show...

I have been to a lot of rock concerts and this was by far the best... There is tons of songs that kiss didn't play but WHO CARES! with the alive songs + the encore you destroyed the stadium !

There was a lot of people that didn't have much expectations for the show... These are the people that didn't go to the show because they didn't think that it was gonna kick ass like it did...

hope to see you soon someday

let me thank you with this awesome picture taken during ROCKNROLL ALL NITE

there are plenty more at my flickr
feel free to pick (I WAS VERY CLOSE TO THE STAGE)
Elder Figures
Subject: Elder Figures
From: Bob on 05/02/2009
Dear Demon,

I am a HUGE fan. I love "The Elder" alot, so I decided to make these figures of the band in the Elder era costumes! Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them! Thank you!

From: FABIO on 05/02/2009
Ciao KISS, has published this amazing KISS cartoon wallpaper.
It would be great to wind up on on KOL !!!


P.S. Verona Rock City is waiting the be KISSed again!!!
Subject: NEW FANS
From: John Jansky on 05/02/2009
I am known as a huge Kiss fan as well as an artist around my home town. I had two youngsters age 14 have one of their Dads call me up and ask if I would make them up as Kiss for their 80's themed dance last Friday night at their school. I was flattered. I wanted to share some photos of my friends Jordan and Nick donning the make up. Jordan is Gene Simmons and Nick is Ace Frehley. P.S the new Kiss costumes were not available at our local costume shop they pieced together their own versions.

Kiss still reeling in the fans.
John Jansky
From: marianlovekissvzla on 05/01/2009
Dear Paul S,

I am a fan from Venezuela! KISS came to Caracas last month and i just couldn't go to the concert. I'm really disappointed =(. No doubt it was amazing. I'm sure the show was "espectacular".. You're awesome!

Please!!!!!! tell me that you will come back to Venezuela soon. Is it possible?? What about the Melbourne Symphony in Latino America?

ajjaja cucurrucucu palomaa jaja you're great!

i love you, te quiero mucho Guapooo! Your voice is perfect.

Marian Ramirez (16)
Mérida, Venezuela.
Quebec's summer festival
Subject: Quebec's summer festival
From: starchild1972 on 05/01/2009
THANK YOU very much for coming to Quebec's summer festival. I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan and also an official member of the KISS Army. Of course, I'll be in Montreal on July 13th. I hope you show that KISS is the best band in the whole wide world to all the people of Quebec who don't know you and didn't see one of your shows. Show them all the best of KISS, pyro and all. Make them blind ! Make them remember this show like the time of their live and make them regret what they missed all this time. Remember: I was made for lovin' you is a big success in Quebec. Can't wait to see you twice the week of july 13th. Show Quebec KISS is the best and nothing can be compared to a KISS show! Making the Paul McCartney' show they saw a pale imitation. KISS rules !!!!
From: on 05/01/2009
from Fernando to

En el blog del destacado dibujante Peruano Alvaro aparecen cuatro caricaturas de KISS.
magazine heavy rock
Subject: magazine heavy rock
From: on 05/01/2009
from Fernando to

Alive! album, memories for the ARMY
Subject: Alive! album, memories for the ARMY
From: seika on 04/30/2009
Hey hotties!

I need to share my emotions with you guys and the entire KISS ARMY. I got some KISS material today, particularly I would like to refer to the Alive! album (well, not the LP as I would have loved, but the CD).

The sticker pasted on the plastic wrapper indicates "...includes deluxe full color, 12 page booklet". That brought some blurry memories back into my mind... while going through it I remembered the picture of the four handwritten notes from Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul!! It seemed to me so inspiring, cute, refreshing and exciting to read these notes in detail this time, which made wanna write to you again, reminding the entire ARMY the highlights of these notes (if there is no problem of course, I know you may prefer the fans to get the album and read them there instead).


Dear Earthlings (Jo: so Star Wars!),
The gravity on Earth isn't quite the same as it is on my planet...when I play on stage it's like making love. If you are good you get off every time. Thanks for helping me get off...


...I know it's gonna make your tails stand straight up...all you alley cats and tom cats, rock your rolls right off (or should I say tails?).
Your silver nosed tom cat.


...My spiked seven inch boot heels are at the ready, should you be in the mood for a heavy sport...and my mouth is there to tell you all horrible things you never thought you'd hear (but love hearing)...I know what you do when the lights go out (Jo:you got that right!)...

PAUL (Jo: this one goes complete)

My dear Lovers,
Nothing arouses me more than seeing you getting off on me. It makes me work that much harder to please you. My body is yours, yours is mine. We explode together when I'm on stage. I'm yours... take me.

Definitely some of the most original stuff I have ever seen in a music had to be you.
Do you still keep those notes?
Kisses, my superheroes!
Penguin #4
Subject: Penguin #4
From: robkis73 on 04/29/2009
this is the last picture in the series, thanks
Subject: KISS Penguins
From: robkis73 on 04/29/2009
I have recently noticed that some people have little penguin icons dressed as various walks of life, so I decided to make some KISS penguins. Enjoy!!

Note for webmaster: I will be sending four total messages, if you can, please add the other three pictures to the original message, thanks.
April 17th, 2009 Caracas Rock City!!!
Subject: April 17th, 2009 Caracas Rock City!!!
From: yokarikaira on 04/28/2009
hello Paul, Gene, Eric, and Tommy

My name is Jose Gabriel Torre, and I am writing from Caracas Venezuela. I was at your Caracas show and I want to say that the night was unforgettable for me. At the show, Paul said that, "we want to come back and see you again" I will definitely be there the next time you are in Caracas. I hope I can see you next year like you promised.

I hope to see you soon

Jose Gabriel Torre
Caracas, Venezuela
Two songs in bulgarian Music Idol
Subject: Two KISS songs in bulgarian Music Idol
From: radost on 04/28/2009
Hallo, KISS!

Two Idols- Preslava Mruvkova and Dimitar Atanasov, decided to sing "Forever" and "I was made for loving you" at the rock concert. Watch and enjoy!!! . .
From: Keith Tarrier on 04/28/2009

I received my Japanese KISSology Box Set A! I was very surprised to receive such a large, heavy box when it turned up. I opened it up and was blown away by the contents. The box itself folds out into a KISS stage.

The set includes 18 Discs, a T-shirt, KISS ticket, stage props and characters, KISS picks, and disco ball for the stage as well.

This box set is awesome, and a must have for all KISS fans!

Keith Tarrier
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