From: ?? on 02/09/2009
John Jansky made a bet if Obama won the election he would post a video of himself painting a likeness of Barack and then post it. Here is a video of John Jansky painting Barack Obama. One continuous shot. P.S. He is wearing is a KISS shirt. Kiss is a huge inspiration in John\'s life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyMDHcLxQ0o .
Thank you very much !
Subject: Thank you very much !
From: Maryhot on 02/09/2009
Hi Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric, Thank you very much for come-back to Montreal in 2009 ! You really make my happiness today with this beautiful short story(piece of news)! You can be sure whom I am going to be there! I am going to make everything to be in the parreterre! I was never in the parreterre to see you ...... lol A main part Thank you! I love you! Goodbye! Maryhot
in Hard Rock Cafe Berlin
Subject: Kiss in Hard Rock Cafe Berlin
From: berndkiss14 on 02/09/2009
Hi to all Kiss Army, last weekend I visit with my wife Berlin and went to the Hard Rock Cafe. There I shoot this photo with Kiss award and bass guitar for all Kiss fans. Rock and Roll all nite from Hildesheim (Germany) Bernd & Milena
Tribute at my cousin\'s wedding!!
Subject: KISS Tribute at my cousin\'s wedding!!
From: DJ ASH on 02/09/2009
Hi KISSONLINE!, My name is Ash from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. On Saturday 7th of February my cousin got married in Middlesbrough and for the wedding reception myself, my dad, my uncle and my brother decided to put together a band. As cousin is a rock fan we decided to do a KISS tribute as a suprise. I was Paul my Dad was Gene my brother Peter and my Uncle Ace. My Uncle even dug out his Les Paul just for the ocassion! We did three songs:- Strutter, Lick It Up and Detroit Rock City. Below I have posted some photo\'s of us all dressed up and a video of Detroit Rock City. It wasnt perfect but we hope you all appreciate the effort. Hope you all enjoy it! P.S Hope to see KISS playing the UK again soon! Download was amazing! Thankyou for returning after so many years. You made my dream come true! Video Link Detroit Rock City:- EMBEDDED:- DIRECT LINK:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzK4ln0FF14
..... Don\'t Forget Puerto Rico in this Tour!!!!!
Subject: KISS..... Don\'t Forget Puerto Rico in this Tour!!!!!
From: chupamatre on 02/07/2009
We have KISS fans here in Puerto Rico! And you came here in the 80s and in 1999. Both concerts were awesome! By 1999 I was only 12 years old! So I never get the chance to see you. KISS is one of my favorite bands, and I have every DVD of Kiss shows avaliable! You are the hottest band in the world and we are waiting here in Puerto Rico for you!!! To rock us again!!!! We have a new colliseum, that holds like 40,000 fans since 2004, and artist like; The Rolling Stones, Poison,Boston,Van halen, Motley Crue, Guns & Roses, Firehouse, Judas priest, Twisted Sister, DIO , Iron Maiden & Rush are come here with great concerts!!!! So KISS!! We are waiting for you!!!!
CJ\'s \"\" Drumset
Subject: CJ\'s \"KISS\" Drumset
From: u839402 on 02/05/2009
Hey Guys, Just wanted to share this photo of my 4 year old son CJ\'s drum set...I made him this custom bass drum skin!! He flipped!!! Hmmmm...You think I should be contacting Gene for a marketing proposel???? Just kidding..I think??? Keep Rockin\' CJ and his dad Corrado
Corrado\'s \"\" Drums
Subject: Corrado\'s \"KISS\" Drums
From: u839402 on 02/05/2009
Hey Guys..Wanted to share this photo of my son CJ\'s drumset! I made him this custom bass drum skin!!! He flipped when he first saw it!!!Hmmmm somebody say I should contact Gene with a marketing proposel?? Just kidding!.... Keep Rockin\' CJ and his dad Corrado
Show in Brazil: I can\'t wait for...
Subject: Show in Brazil: I can\'t wait for...
From: volnirborre on 02/04/2009
Hi, my name is Volnir Borré, I\'m from Rio de Janeiro state! In 1999, I was stay in the concert in Interlagos, São Paulo, and I got a pick of Gene Simmons or this concert!!! This show is most audience of Psycho Circus Tour!!!! And now, I have a great expectations for the show in Rio de Janeiro, in April, 8 2009!!!! Here in Brazil, all the people are happy for the back of the best of the world Alive: KISS!!!! Welcome to our country, welcome to the show!!!!
Don\'t forget Porto Alegre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: Don\'t forget Porto Alegre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: stefanosalamoni on 02/03/2009
please, all the fans on Porto Alegre/Brazil are waiting for a new show here... São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro... and Porto Alegre!!! I\'m crazy for this.... (sorry my english) pleaseeeee
Finnish \"Clash of the Choirs\"
Subject: Finnish \"Clash of the Choirs\"
From: finnishkissfan on 02/03/2009
Hey! The leadsinger of \"Stratovarius\" (finnish rock band) Timo Kotipelto attended the Finnish \"Clash of the Choirs\". Their second performance was KISS\' \"I Was Made For Loving You\". Here\'s the clip:
in Finish \"Kuorosota\"
Subject: Kiss in Finish \"Kuorosota\"
From: ronykiss on 02/02/2009
So KISS song were in Finish tv program.... http://www.nelonen.fi/kuorosota/videot/videot.asp?videoId=4307 And supporter by Rony Österlund (legendary \"mini Gene\" )
From: George Hawver on 01/30/2009
Hey KISS, Not sure if you caught the latest episode of Everybody Hates Chris, but the story involved him and a friend trying to get fake ID\'s to go to an over-18 concert. Their identities were Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. His mom ended the episode changing her usual call of \"Chris!\" at the end of the \"Everybody hates...\" tagline to \"Gene!\" KISS Kulture is everywhere! George Hawver
Oh, i\'m Sorry! This is image of Show in RIo
Subject: Oh, i\'m Sorry! This is image of Show in RIo
From: volnirborre on 01/28/2009
KISS in RIO!!! Rio de Janeiro can\'t wait!!!
Army Serbias' first birthday
Subject: Kiss Army Serbias' first birthday
From: bobanl on 01/28/2009
On the 27th of February Kiss Amry Serbia celebrates its first anniversary. The celebration will take place at the club "Fest", Belgrade, Serbia. Serbian Kiss tribute band, Kisser, will honour this event with their concert. The opening act will be Rock Filter (a hard rock band). For more information contact us on mail kissarmysrbija@gmail.com ,
& Argentina
Subject: Kiss & Argentina
From: shandirock on 01/27/2009
Hi! I´m from Argentina and... yeahhh WE ARE READY!!! Let´s have a great KISS-Party! See you soon on April, 05 2009! Kisses,We love you! Sylk,Ossimons & Shandi
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