In VENEZUELA The Press Conference
Subject: KISS In VENEZUELA The Press Conference
From: federico666 on 04/16/2009
Today KISS gave a press conference to the Venezuelan media, ando the fans!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
in Bogota
Subject: KISS in Bogota
From: kissbogota on 04/16/2009

We just want to thank you for being and playing in Colombia. All colombian fans had been waiting for a long time to see you alive in our country. We're very happy for the people who could see your show.. Unfortunately, we dont't live there anymore and we couldn't be there with you. I saw you in Paris last year but my friend didn't have a chance. So, we are waiting the next show in Colombia to take a flight... this time we'll be there!!!

Thanks for playing "FOR EVER" , it was an amazing gift
We have seen the videos on line, all the videos made by our friends and relatives and all the reviews on local newspapers.

Thanks again and we hope to see you soon....


Your ever lasting fans

Paola and Liz
Subject: Drawing
From: tawpphotography on 04/16/2009
Hey guys i drew a picture for you thanks for everything, you guys should come to Hull in the uk and thanks for an amazing show last year at Download

Tim Penlington
Subject: critter
From: bobcat19721 on 04/16/2009
I was reading this boy\'s story on kissonline and it completely captured my heart I just walked down to the boys home (as i live 5 blocks away) and the family was not home i have some things to give him to boost his spirits!! as a lifelong kiss fan of 35 years I must do what is right and be his big KISS brother. I hope to be there with him every step of the way from here on out. I would like to add that paul and eric showed tremendous class when they contacted this young man I am sure it lit his whole life up!! All the kiss army in this area of cincinnati ohio should send something to this young man and if nothing else stand with him as they do with KISS when you are a part of an army your in it forever this is a fallen soldier and needs our inspiration and our words of hope I am taking some of my kiss shrine memorabilia to him as he needs this more than I do!!! KISS can now say that they are the most fan friendly band ever and this shows that even the youngest and poorest of fans get the bands attention!!
A Magical Meeting!!!
Subject: A Magical Meeting!!!
From: jcaa25 on 04/16/2009
Here, Juan Carlos Ayala from Venezuela.

Last night after 32 years waiting I finally met Kiss. My family and I went to the airport to say WELCOME TO VENEZUELA!. They were very kind to us and Gene signed the first autograph in Venezuela ever to my dauhgter Maria Cristina. Paul was very kind too with my wife and my other daughter Adelita. Thanks for comming I said to Paul and smiling to us he said "You're welcome, putting his hand on my hand!. What a great experience. Kiss is in Venezuela finally!!!!!

From: jcaa25 on 04/16/2009
Here, Juan Carlos Ayala . This articleis from EL UNIVERSAL one of the most important newspapers in Venezuela. The tittle says "FANS WANT EVERYTHING IN ORDER". Venezuelan fan want everything in order for the tomorrow's show at LA RINCONADA.
is in Venezuela!!!!
Subject: Kiss is in Venezuela!!!!
From: Lucas on 04/16/2009
AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i saw kiss in the melia hotel of caracas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can't wait to the show of tomorrow. I've seen a video of Kiss landing on Caracas on, have you watched it?

in Lima - Peru: We got the best!!
Subject: Kiss in Lima - Peru: We got the best!!
From: yursh on 04/15/2009
Hi guys, sorry for writing again, I sent you the picture of the letter I wrote I hope you like it. Thank you!
in Lima - Peru: We got the best!!
Subject: Kiss in Lima - Peru: We got the best!!
From: yursh on 04/15/2009
Hello, Guys. When the concert was ending and all the fireworks were in the Lima´s sky, and my heart was beating quickly, I saw in your screens: THANK YOU,LIMA....the only thing I wanted to do was to go backstage and to tell you all in person, Gene, Paul, Eric, Tommy... THANK YOU!!!, THANK YOU for comming to Lima...great music, great musicians, great show...everything IMPRESSIVE!!! the best!!! My girlfriend likes other kind of music but know she has become a new fan!....hey Gene, easy...jaja.... I have a band in Peru that is called MALABRIGO, you are my inspiration, that energy!!, quality!!!...the rock&roll keeps you alive, young forever....!!! Nothing else to say, but live KISS forever!, live ROCK & ROLL, live THE MUSIC!!! YEAHHHH!!! THANKS. Jorge P.
From: vanebarroeta on 04/15/2009
From: vanebarroeta on 04/15/2009
Hi. Im from Venezuela. There are some many pics from KISS arriving to Venezuela today at 19:30 hr. Click here: . There were so many fans at the airport waiting for KISS. WOW. Waiting for the concert at friday, Vanessa Barroeta.
Concert in Lima
Subject: Concert in Lima
From: rechester on 04/15/2009
hey ! the picture of eric carr the FOX in LIMA is heree !
Concert in Lima
Subject: Concert in Lima
From: rechester on 04/15/2009
Thank you for the awesome show!! its was incredible!! I NEVER FORGET that moment, !!

all the band played beatiful!! im no stoped of singing and enjoying .
When paul sang a litle part of GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU ohhh a tear escaped of my eyes ! ALL the songs it was amazing!! from DEUCE to DETROIT.!!
here there s a picture of me, and my face with a litle tribute to ERIC CARR ! and the big message to YOU!

thank you master Gene
thank you master Paul
thank you master Tommy
thank you master Eric
From: wildrecoba on 04/15/2009
Esta es la noche
when dreams come true
Love letter from a fan to kiss
A great expectation to see
the 4 soldiers of FAITH
I know u won't remember
our bad painted faces
also I know KISS never
forget a heart, so please
take my screams,take my singings
cause I'm not such a good playing guitar

Love letter from fans to the greatest
U will scream and we'll answer
We want the biggest one KISS!!!
is with u never forget about it
`till celebrating
Subject: `till celebrating
From: KISSOFRENIA from Argentina on 04/15/2009
KISS !!!!, we`re still celebrating your visit in Argentina so that we decided to give a concert in your honor.
It`s very important for us because we are anxious of showing our tribute, I hope everybody to like it !!!
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