in Argentina!!!
Subject: Kiss in Argentina!!!
From: claudiarock on 04/13/2009
Have now been eight days of the show kiss at the River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I'm still excited me, only that who were there as spectators and fans can give witness to the event we have all experienced, and I just I can thank Kiss, they have given a great gift to all his fans that night.

I particularly thank Kiss for these 35 years of unconditional love and talent lot, I'm going to remember beyond this life and eternal life too, I'll never separate of his reign and we will be one in eternity...

I love you so much all!!!!!!!!
long life to kiss
long life to kiss fans!!!!
Klaudia and Johanna from Argentina
in Climax, MN!!!
Subject: KISS in Climax, MN!!!
From: burdman_02 on 04/13/2009
Hey guys, my names Luke, and both I'm a resident of the small town of Climax, MN and lead singer for our local band Driftwood. That would be great if you were to play here! I've got everyone I know signing up to have you here! If your looking for a liaison for our wonderful community, hit me up! Hope to see you, if not here, somewhere close really soon!
Joao Pedro Meet
Subject: Joao Pedro Meet KISS
From: Márcio Augusto on 04/13/2009
Subject: KISS PERU
From: paulpeter on 04/12/2009
Hi guys!!

Here's a photo of some guys of the KISS ARMY in Peru, we're ready for the concert and I just wanna know if you'll sing's my favorite song...
However all the songs are so excited...we love U the end...

P.S.: If you see a high old poster...It's me and the guys...yeeeeahhhhh!!!!
in Bogota
Subject: KISS in Bogota
From: tar357 on 04/12/2009
Hello KISS, I am from Bogota and we enjoy your concert last night, April 11, and my brother and I want to thank you for comming here and let us feel your energy it was the best show ever and the long waiting does not care after seeing you. THANKS KISS WE LOVE YOU
Subject: KISS / BRAZIL
From: Kadu Simmons on 04/12/2009
Hi guys,

Thank you KISS for the amazing concert you guys made at Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You showed everyone why you're still the ones. The stage... the sound... the music... YOU! Everything was great... I just felt said for Love Gun absence on the setlist, anyway... even the rain that fell down wasn't enough to make this amazing concert bad. It was unforgettable. All I ask you guys is just a simple thing: DON'T FORGET RIO DE JANEIRO. PLEASE COME BACK SOON! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU GUYS, THAT THE HUGE BRAZILIAN KISS ARMY WILL GET PLEASED.

loving you
Subject: loving you
From: angelfiish on 04/12/2009
Dear Kiss,

I casted my vote and I demand you come to NY!!! Please, please, please come here?!?! You ROCK and you must grace the NY metro area with your presence. I know so many people that want you here!! Oh, and Gene, we need some tongue action..I'm waiting for my turn ;-D

Love you guys!!!
Monterrey, Mexico
Subject: Monterrey, Mexico
From: fariasmty on 04/12/2009
Monterrey, Mexico wants KISS to rock n roll all night in here.... we will wait for you...
From: Kassi Mentz - Porto Alegre - BR on 04/12/2009
Hi Guys! I just want to tell you that the show in SP was the most beatiful moment of my life! you made my dreams come true! I traveled from another state just to see you! I hope see you again with your new album! Here's my picture with my friend Susi at the show. I'm the one with the Bandit's make up! You really are the Best! Love you!

p.s.: sorry about my english.
2009 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony
Subject: 2009 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony
From: fangs on 04/12/2009
Hello KISS,

I know of your stance on the RRHOF, but I just wanted to let you know, in case you are unawares with touring and all, that during James Hetfield's portion of Metallica's induction speech, he mentioned you guys, as follows:

"We're somewhat of a heavy band, and we have a small list that we'd also like to...just put some knods out, and maybe plant a little seed - it's a band called Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Rush, KISS, Ted Nugent, Iron Maiden, Motorhead; who we would love to invite through the door now, alright?!"

It probably won't shake any feathers in the grand scheme of things, but it was cool that James metioned KISS, none-the-less. Here's the Youtube link: .

Can't wait to see ya in Philly, PA!

greatings from colombia palmira
Subject: greatings from colombia palmira
From: julianxhunter on 04/12/2009
thank you kiss band for been in bogota Colombia and think on we the kiss army Colombia _m \/ forensic metal roller m /_
greatings from bogota alive 35
Subject: greatings from bogota kiss alive 35
From: julianxhunter on 04/12/2009
saludos a todo el real kiss army kiss gracias por la musica _\\m/ forever metal rules \\m/_ Soy un dinosaurio del rock , sin remedio cuando huelo el alcanfor y percibo el temblor del Parkinson y las dudas del Alzheimer. Se que mi cuerpo hoy en dia no sana tan rapido como antes pero mi alma continua siendo joven como cuando conoci el rock and roll y No puedo evitarlo. gracias kiss por haber venido por creer en los fans de colombia jua jua jua
From: dark_clars on 04/12/2009
Hi KISS!!!!First of all, I would like to thank you for comming...We are so gratefull for such an amazing show...Also I would like to say that some of my friend worked a lot in a great huge flag with your faces and the sign of all the colombian kiss army members...I hope that you've seen it from the stage, and that you get it at the end...
I hope...We hope that you`ll had as much fun as we do...Thanks again for the gratest show that we`ve ever seen!!!! COLOMBIAN KISS ARMY LOVES YOU AND WAIT UNTIL YOU CAME BACK...

Clara Franco
Subject: Pleaseeeee...!!!
From: edutrader on 04/12/2009
Hey Kiss, First I have to say thank you for your tour in latin America. I Can't wait to see you here in Peru, for all the peruvians is like a dream that you come to aur country. In my case and with my friends, we are fans of you since so much years ago, since I was a baby I listened to Kiss .jaja,..I know that you have for each country a setlist for the concerts, but we would like to listen to "Forever" in live, many people here in Peru have that dream to listen to Forever and Of course to see you guys, in my case would be really special because that is the song that my wife and I chose for our weeding, yeah we are really fans of you guys. Well I hope you can do that for all your fans here in Peru, we are really excited to see you and enjoy of your music. Welcome to Perú guys, thanks for coming.
in VENEZUELA TV Comercial!!!!
Subject: KISS in VENEZUELA TV Comercial!!!!
From: federico666 on 04/11/2009
This is the promo for The KISS concert In Caracas Venezuela on April 17th.
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