your coming to argentina
Subject: your coming to argentina
From: marili on 01/19/2009
please, I want to ask you, if here could create the kiss army in argentina, how to make this.- here we are millions people kiss\'s fan.- I don\'t believe that you are going to come here in april.- thanx for giving us so cheerfulness.-
From: mrl2000 on 01/19/2009
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your crazy fan from Italy!!!! I\'love you!!! Bye
From: Esteban Falcato on 01/18/2009
Hi Gene, Paul, Eric & Tommy: All of the Argentine KISS Fans are SO excited because of the show in Buenos Aires you confirmed today!!!! We\'ll be waiting for you at RIVER PLATE STADIUM on April 5th!!! The Hottest Band in the World deserves The Hottest Fans in the World, and none of us will disappoint you guys: we\'ll ALL be there, shouting it out loud, every single song... We waited too long to see KISS again... WELCOME BACK!!! Esteban F. Bassist of KISSOFRENIA (KISS Tribute Band)
New Album & Tour
Subject: New Album & Tour
From: witchkiss on 01/18/2009
Hello guys. I am so excited at the idea of a brand new album (Sword & Stone be on there please)I check here everyday for news on this album. I know the band has been having amazing success on ticket sales around the world for the Alive 35 tour, but I hope you don\'t forget about the home front. Please tell me that the band is planning on touring the USA with the release of the new other words don\'t forget St. Louis. Love you guys forever..Alten Treece
We need ...we believe in !
Subject: We need Kiss...we believe in Kiss!
From: 21fiokiss on 01/18/2009
Hi Guys!!! Recently, we have found out their great coming to Argentina, located in South America, and if they could arrive in Argentina, a great and wonderful country, millions of Peruvians are built up hopes and hopeful that they will also end up carrying out a concert in Peru, where we will be waiting for them with the open arms. Please, they don\'t remove us this great illusion, because we have faith that they will make a concert in Lima, Peru in this year 2009 like part of their World Tour Alive 35\' and we believe in you! Kiss Rocks! * We Love you!!* We will be waiting for you!
HAppy Birth Day and we`ll see you soon !!!!
Subject: HAppy Birth Day and we`ll see you soon !!!!
From: andybuonfrate of KISSOFRENIA from Argentina on 01/18/2009
From Argentina , we want to wish you a happy Birth Day Paul , we `ll see you at RIVER PLATE stadium on April 5 th !!!!!!! all Argentinan fans are really excited about it !!!!! it`s gonna be awesome to see you again !!!!
Italian advertising
Subject: Italian advertising
From: Cavaliere Giancarlo on 01/18/2009
From an old fan, just to share to everyone. Photo n.3
Italian advertising
Subject: Italian advertising
From: Cavaliere Giancarlo on 01/18/2009
From an old fan, just to share to everyone. Photo n.2
Tribute Show for Charity
Subject: KISS Tribute Show for Charity
From: lingayro on 01/17/2009
Hello, guys! I wanted to share with you a few pictures that were taken tonight as Jonesboro based KISS tribute band Exciter performed over an hour of KISS classics in an unplugged setting to raise money to benefit the Northeast Arkansas Food Bank. The event was held at a local coffeehouse and there was a good turnout of KISS fans who had a great time enjoying the music of KISS while helping a worthwhile cause. A big thank you to KISS for once again inspiring the KISS Army to join together for the benefit of others. Linda/KISS Fan Site
Happy Birthday Paul Stanley..The Starchild*
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul Stanley..The Starchild*
From: 21fiokiss on 01/17/2009
Oh Yeah!!!! Happy Birthday Nº 57 My dear Starchild!!!!!!! That express spends the years, and as well as these years pass, I continue being more fanatic of Kiss, especially yours!!! I Love You Paul Stanley!!!! :) And I wait that in January 20 you pass it super well next to all your pretty family and friends, and clear... The Kiss Family!!! Kiss Rocks... Paul Stanley Rocks!!!!! And many successes in all your great career and that God blesses your new daughter! I love KISS!*
Julie as Eric Singer
Subject: Julie as Eric Singer
From: tosi on 01/14/2009
From Julie
Ottawa Bluesfest
Subject: Ottawa Bluesfest
From: hurricanerock on 01/14/2009
Dear KISS I am such a huge fan, but I have sadly never seen you in concert. I am emailing to ask if you might consider playing Ottawa Bluesfest (not as lame as it sounds- it has very little to do with blues and has had lots of really big acts over the years) in this summer\'s tour. I would personally man the face-painting booth. I know probably Ottawa is a small stop for you, but please give our city the chance to ROCK with KISS. Thanks for your consideration, Emma Eaton PS I have attached a picture of a Gene Simmons doppleganger from Dressed to Kill, who I saw last year in Dundee, Scotland (and were very good!) , myself, and a friend.
High School Senior Quotes
Subject: High School Senior Quotes
From: mikeycans on 01/14/2009
Hey guys, When it was time for the Fordham Prep (Bronx, NY) graduating class of 1986 to commit their senior quotes to the annals of their high school history, I decided that Paul Stanley was the man and KISS was the band to draw my inspiration from. Being a die-hard fan since I was 6 years old, it just seemed obvious. As you can see, the quote I chose was from the “Asylum” track “King of the Mountain”, and it fit perfectly with my idea of what I wanted to accomplish in life and how I wanted to go about doing it. Twenty-three years later I have 2 new KISS fans to educate, my daughters Lauren, 6, and Lindsay, 2. Here’s hoping that they draw inspiration from their heroes, whoever they may be, like I did while growing up. Best regards, Michael Canavan Purdys, NY
Subject: Gene,
From: rock2you on 01/14/2009
You are the one and only who is really looking fantastic in your band, Paul is beautiful, Tommy and Eric too BUT you are FANTASTIC!
Paul Stanley painting from June, 2008
Subject: Paul Stanley painting from June, 2008
From: rock2you on 01/14/2009
Hi Paul and the others!
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