Subject: WE LOVE KISS!
From: edurigam on 04/09/2009
KISS!!!! Before the SHOW I was a fan of KISS, but now.. I LOVE KISS, I just can't explain....WOW! Listen to all of these people singing together the "Detroit Rock City" guitar solo! KISS ROCKS!! Best, Edurigam
What means to me.
Subject: What Kiss means to me.
From: alexdynasty on 04/09/2009
Dear Kiss, As I sit here thinking about the new tour idea with the voting a question cake to me. What does Kiss mean to me. So I would like to share with you and the Kiss Army what Kiss means to me. I was born in 1989 in San Diego, California at the Naval Hospital as my dad was in the U.S. Navy. Growing up I would look at his record collection which ofcourse included All the Kiss albums up to Animalize. As a toddler my dad would play Kiss X-treme Close Up and I was amazed and scared at the same time. I would take a towel or blanket and pretend I was Ace in the Dynasty Tour costume. As I started school Kiss was still on my mind. While the other kids were into Barney I was into Kiss! I remember sitting with my dad after Trick or Treating and watching MTV unplugged with my dad! As time went on I would listen to many other groups but none were like Kiss. I would be made fun of at times for liking Kiss but it didn\'t matter. Psycho Circus came out and I got to listen to the tape with my dad. One of my favorite things! As I would start Middle school I met a girl who loved Kiss just as much as I did. What a great thing! Someone who loved a band like I do. She of course had been able to see the band live. I still have not. But I would soon move up to High school and there I would meet more people into Kiss. I was no longer alone. For my 10th grade year I decided to dress as the great Eric Carr with my outfit being modeled after his \"Elder\" outfit. Let me tell you I had to take so many pictures with people it was crazy!! I can totally relate to you guys when you had to take pics. I would soon have everything you ever recorded on vinyl,tape or CDs . My Senior year I was the mascot for the football team and a week later I was interviewed with other mascots for am article titled \" Mascots Unmasked\" and it totally looked likes classic article of when you all were unmasked. Photo of us in full costume and then a small pic of our faces. My character was Screaming Eagle. And when asked where I got moves I had to owe it to the creator of them Gene Simmons. So I ofcourse would gradutate High School in June of 2008. The best day of my life. Going up on that stage gettng my diploma was a rush!!! I felt like you guys for a minute having People in Constitution Hall cheering me for what Ive done! So what I wanna say to Kiss is thanks! You guys have been there for me. When I broke up with a girl I had the song \"Move On\" playing. When I was made at a teacher I would play \"Unholy\". You guys have been a way for me to escape reality when need be. When life brought me down I knew I could turn to you guys for motivation. I\'ve taken Gene\'s work ethic to heart. I\'ve taken Paul\'s showmenship to work. When I go to work even if I\'ve had a bad day I don\'t let nobody no that! I give those people great customer service. I am in college working to build my future. I\'ve taken Tommy\'s Can Do attitude. When somethign at my job needs done I volunteer to do it because I want all the training I can get. Kiss has been and will be a model fore to look at along other Influences in my life. My Parents have done a heck of a job raising me and I thank Kiss for being there. Thank You Kiss for providing me with music that I can listen,sing and live to. I saw Paul on his Live To Win tour in Baltimore he even tossed a Pick my way which is one of my most prized possesions. I hope to finally see Kiss in concert and be able to live and celebrate with other Kiss Army members what I have enjoyed for the first 19 years of my life! Thank You Kiss both Present and Past!! Much Love, Alex Walker
Winnipeg Rock City!
Subject: Winnipeg Rock City!
From: volcanicpaolizzle on 04/08/2009
Dear Kiss Firstly, id like to ask if your having a plesant day whoever is reading this. I am writing this letter because i believe that it is paramount that you visit Winnipeg. Not only do you have an enormous fan base here, but there are other reasons you should pay us a visit as well. As you may have heard winnipeg is building a huge human rights museum and it is going to be probably the most influencial building in the history of winnipeg. It is going to teach millions about the struggles of different peoples, share interesting stories and information, and open the eyes of people who cannot imagine the hardships of our ancestors. I think you should make an appearance here not only to show your fans you still love them but also to support human rights. Thirdly, I love Kiss and ive never done this kind of thing for a band but I would really love it if you guys came. Lastly, and this part is to Gene. I consider you an idol and mentor not only because of your musical achievements but because of the leadership you show in your life. I believe leadership is a growing principle in our society and i am thinking of having a sort of convention for winnipeg business men who demonstrate leadership in the work place and at home with their families. I wanted to have a guest speaker and some names that ran across my mind were Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, and of course yourself Gene. I would like to talk to you more about this, and so please highly consider coming to winnipeg or contacting myself personally. Paolo A P.S. In this photo are my friends and I about to perform Rock and Roll all nite at our school\'s annual Rock Show. It was Amazing.
Army Vixens in Buenos Aires
Subject: KISS Army Vixens in Buenos Aires
From: carolport on 04/08/2009
A chance to see KISS perform at a 70,000 person venue was just too exciting to ignore..... We contemplated waiting until KISS came back to the US but we needed our KISS fix now. We dusted off our passports and bought 2 tickets to the Buenos Aires show. One of our dreams has always been to get backstage at a KISS concert. On this trip our dreams came true. Gene Simmons arranged for us to get backstage for the best show of our lives. Even though we didn't get a picture with the entire band as we had hoped, Tommy and Gene were so gracious and took pictures with us. It was so hectic backstage - it is amazing all the preparations it takes to put on the show. The show was the best KISS concert we have been to (and we've been to several !!). To see 70,000 Spanish speaking KISS fans sing along in English was euphoric. The 16 hours on the plane was worth every minute !!! Thank you KISS for the BEST show ever and the best weekend of our lives. We still hope to get our picture with the band during the U.S. leg of the tour..PLEASE.... All our love and kisses, KISS Army Vixens http://www.myspace.com/kissarmyvixens .
São Paulo (Brazil) Concert
Subject: São Paulo (Brazil) Concert
From: liihrockgirl on 04/08/2009
Hey guy, how are you doin\'? Thanks for coming to Brazil... You rocked! The concert was so fantastic... I painted my face like Paul... I arrived at home with that make up, I was too tired to clean that... So.. next day I went school with the star and with the red lipstick! It was the best concert I\'ve ever watched!! Every single person loved it! I have to tahnk you for the concert! I haven\'t been so happy for so long... And this concert made me feel good... You\'re always welcome here... Kiss is the hottest, the hardest, the most fantastic band in this world! Thanks again and again... So.. that\'s it folks! Congratulations... You were, you are and you\'ll be always fantastic! That\'s why i love KISS! Yeaaah Maaan! Kisses... Lígia (Guarulhos, SP, Brazil)
know if you will come in moncton n,b
Subject: know if you will come in moncton n,b
From: magicien609 on 04/08/2009
hey guy i wanna know if you will come to moncton in new-brunswick canada this summer 2009 beacause your rock guys anyway thanks!
Alive 35-Winnipeg Army!
Subject: Kiss Alive 35-Winnipeg Kiss Army!
From: bigbag987654 on 04/08/2009
Alright Kiss Army Of Winnipeg,It\'s time to stand up and be counted!We demand Kiss come\'s and tears the roof off of the MTS CENTRE!The Kiss Army of Winnipeg Has to rally the troops so we can hear the famous battle cry that we last heard july 16/2000. \"YOU WANTED THE BEST,YOU GOT THE BEST,THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD...KISS! The time is NOW!DEMAND IT!! KISS ARMY WINNIPEG,MANITOBA!!
Brasil São Paulo,Show
Subject: Brasil São Paulo,Show
From: eduardo2007 on 04/08/2009
Hi Kiss i am for kiss army brasil and i love kiss show and i wanna again please kiss back to brasil in 2 years 1 years 3 years is good ok please i love you KISS
Sao Paulo\'s Show
Subject: Sao Paulo\'s Show
From: joka on 04/08/2009
I wanted to know if you can return to Brazil after the 2 shows here.Crowded show, very good music but I missed \"God of Thunder\" the rest of the show was very good. You wanted the best! You got the best! The hottest band in the world ... KISS! Sergio Posnik Theodoro Sao Paulo, Brazil
Waiting for tuesday!!
Subject: Waiting for tuesday!!
From: pantera_negra on 04/07/2009
Hey KISS! My name is Amanda, from Peru. When I was a little girl, my dad used to make me listen to your music, so I grew up singing your songs. I am really happy, because I will be able to attend your show, I\'ll do everything in my power to be at first row (I\'ve got my KISS ARMY ticket). At my institute, we were asked to draw something that we really like, and mix it up with imeges of our culture. I chose to draw KISS, and mix it with \"Mochica\" culture. Gene is \"Ai Apaec\", the Mochica god; Paul is \"Señor de Sipan\", a Mochica Governor; Eric and Tommy are Mochica warriors. I got the highest mark. See you on tuesday guys!
Thank you,
Subject: Thank you, Kiss
From: adrianypepo on 04/07/2009
Dear Kiss, Thanks for coming down to Argentina. I was able to take my 5 years old son, who is a great kiss fan to the concert you gave in River Plate Stadium on April 5. Great SHOW!! And thanks for let me live this very special moment with my son and wife. I will always remember his face when Kiss came on stage. You are the greatest!!!
Subject: HAPPY !
From: cgardner13 on 04/07/2009
First of, Fan since I was ( BIG WAS ) 13, forty six now Loved you guys all through the ups, downs , and sideways I am so psyched about the new album and the fact that Paul has taken charge of it...and it is a KISS album So as far as that, I thank Eric and Tommy...You guys give the KISS name truley a breath of fresh air for us all of us in the KISS ARMY......... Would it not be cool too see you two making KISS on top again ... Yes Ace and Pete are KISS, so as, You are KISS , YOU R KISS To both of you, enjoy, and thank you
Paul throws Chlie\'s flag to the ground!!!
Subject: Paul throws Chlie\'s flag to the ground!!!
From: forevertj on 04/04/2009
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fSadQSoGkk see for yourself PLEASE. Please see if you can get paul to explain this. People over there are pissed. I reposted it because I made an error on the previous post. THANKS!!
in Chile - La Tercera Newspaper After Show
Subject: Kiss in Chile - La Tercera Newspaper After Kiss Show
From: re_ultra on 04/04/2009
Hi. Kiss in La Tercera Newspaper. After the concert !! A magic Night ! Manuel..--
Last night concert!
Subject: Last night concert!
From: camiilita on 04/04/2009
Hi kiss, my name is camila and im from Chile. i went to the concert last night .. it was AMAZING, the best I ever been to. I haven\'t been to a lot of concerts because im only 16 but I think i would never forget that concert.. gene im a big fan of your TV show gene Simmons family jewels is so good .. omg i still cant believe how good and amazing the concert was.. love u guys ! xoxo Cami ps: Gene i love your son !! for the concert next year bring him with you.. !
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