en Argentina-
Subject: Kiss en Argentina-
From: Sofía ^^ on 04/03/2009
Foto de mi entrada ♥
Send Greeting to Perú!!!!
Subject: KISS Send Greeting to Perú!!!!
From: tpinna on 04/02/2009
KISS send a message to Peruvian Fans... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=478YlpKfdJk . KISSemotion: Roberto Pinna.
gene on colombian radio
Subject: gene on colombian radio
From: zagato77 on 04/02/2009
check out the gene interview on "W" radio about the concert in april 11th in bogota http://www.wradio.com.co/oir.aspx?id=787683 . colombia rocks all night and party everyday
My Tribute
Subject: My Kiss Tribute
From: djfuhq on 04/02/2009
Guys, I'm a 29 years old French man, kiss fan for 25 years. You are a part of my education, of my life. Thanks to you, music is my passion and I leave you these home kiss remix to celebrate my love for Kiss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1STPIfB1es . Hope you will enjoy it. Hope also to see you soon in France.
gene dr. pepper promo at local Las vegas grocery store
Subject: gene dr. pepper promo at local Las vegas grocery store
From: ruggs on 04/02/2009
Thought you would like this Gene
Rock and Roll Hall of Shame
Subject: Rock and Roll Hall of Shame
From: exciter2008 on 04/02/2009
Hey Guys, Years have passed and the Hall of Shame keeps shunning KISS. Like Gene said in the \"Kiss Symphony,\" DVD...\"Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, KI$$ my A$$. The fans have spoken!\" Here is to you guys, God Love Ya! The fans do and always will! Sincerly, John Singer Pensacola. Florida
in Chile - La Tercera Newspaper
Subject: Kiss in Chile - La Tercera Newspaper
From: re_ultra on 04/02/2009
Hi. I\'m Manuel Allende and this article was published today in La Tercera Newspaper. Tomorrow is the KISS show !!!! Manuel..--
From: maravilla on 04/02/2009
Wanted Kiss, wanted Gene: My name is Juan Carlos “Wonder” WELCOME TO COLOMBIA, receive a warm hug of a fanatic as an older person dates… single 41 years, we are very pleased to have you and to venerate kiss in our earth, has been one long hope to enjoy the greatest show of Rock and roll. I will be in company of my brother and a great friend in first row to not lose detail to of its great spectacle.
Jamie Stuart
Subject: Jamie Stuart
From: KISS ARMY MEMBER on 04/01/2009
Hey KISS & the KISS ARMY! Channel 12 News Long Island sports anchor Jamie Stuart just won an Emmy award for his sports coverage. Here\'s what this lifelong KISS fan did when he brought his Emmy home!
From: Rogerio Michieli on 04/01/2009
Hello Gene!!!! My name\'s Rogério Michieli, from Brazil. As you might have figured YES I\'m going to the show. Actually, finally my brother and I will get to go on a KISS concert. We were too young back in 99. Well, the thing is: in the concert, I hope to throw to you a work of mine for You or Paul to keep to remember Brazil! And after this concerts here, hope you guys don\'t forget us and come back more frequently. BRAZIL LOVES YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! And we hope to see EVERYTHING KISS has to offer to the loyal fans here!!!!! SEE YOU APRIL 7 IN SÃO PAULO!!!!!
From: Irv C. on 04/01/2009
Hi Gene, Just had to tell you, the Dr. Pepper commercial is awesome! Seeing the demon still sends chills up my spine, even after 35 years!! Keep rocking...look forward to the new Album. A Fan Forever, Irv C. Atlanta
Subject: GENE\'S MY HERO
From: Braden Radley on 04/01/2009
Dear Gene, Hello my name is Braden Radley, I’m almost eighteen now and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. You Gene are my hero, you are KISS the real deal. My father used to talk about how he would listen to each record over and over again, sometimes the same song late into night. Your music brought out a cool side of my father I love, this all done by music you have produced. I don’t really wish for much, but it would mean the world to me if KISS came to play the MTS centre here in Winnipeg so I could celebrate the moment with my dad one more time before I leave for college. Sincerely Braden Radley.
From: RICKY on 04/01/2009
Hey KISS, I was at the Cheap Trick show in Hollywood back in December at the HOB and Rick started talking about you on stage and they jokingly went into \"Love Gun\" after Bun E. started playing a slowed down version of the intro drum beat. I later heard you were there which would be why they would do something of that nature obviously, anyhow, if it\'s true you were there, I was just wondering what you thought of it all. I found it to be quite funny. Do you think it\'d be possible for KISS to take them out as an opening act like you did back in the 70\'s? Ricky
Merchandising in DEDO MEDIO
Subject: KISS Merchandising in DEDO MEDIO
From: annatar on 04/01/2009
Hello KISS!!! DEDO MEDIO, one of the most biggest magazine in peru, has published a special report about the KISS merchandising. As you can see, KISS is everywhere here in Peru !!!!! Greetings from Lima, Peru. Alberto Cuya
in El Comercio
Subject: KISS in El Comercio
From: annatar on 04/01/2009
Hello!! The expectation of KISS arriving in Peru continues to rise. Once agaein, El Comercio, the most influential newspaper in Peru, has published a cover page of KISS, talking about the upcoming concert in Lima on April 14 I just can´t wait!!! KISSincerely Alberto Cuya
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