Subject: Christopher
From: kissfreakjoe on 04/14/2009
This is a letter to KISS especially to Gene Simmons. I've just read the update like many, about Critter on the main page, so I wanted to write in. As you've probably already read he hopes to meet KISS soon. Let's flashback to July 11th in New York when you signed my leg Gene, remember what you said to me? "I told you I always keep my word." (Since you couldn't sign it in the store, you promised to do so outside). So please, do Critter a favor and get to him as soon as you can. You always say it best Gene...Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you.

Rock ON!

Joe Penn
in Venezuelan Newspaper
Subject: KISS in Venezuelan Newspaper
From: federico666 on 04/14/2009
Today in the diary Ultimas Noticias, there's a report about the KISS concert, about the instalation of the stage, the requirments, and a resume about how many paople has been on every show!!!!
Bienvenidos to Venezuela
Subject: Bienvenidos Kiss to Venezuela
From: vinilco on 04/14/2009
Bienvenidos KISS to Venezuela

Hi Kiss...

You can check a video to welcome KISS to Venezuela at .

We see you soon in La Rinconada

Vinilco de Venezuela TEAM

From: lpizarro on 04/14/2009
Thanks, KISS, Paul,Gene,Tommy y Erick.
I am 42 years old and since the 10 years that I listen them.
The best show of my life, CHILE 03 April 2009.
Thanks for the show!
I love KISS, and I love you more Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley
(Photo:Me and my daugher in the show in Santiago)
love you so much all!!!!!!!!
long life to kiss
long life to kiss fans!!!!
Luis Pizarro and Octavia Pizarro from CHILE
Thanks for the beautifull show in Brasil !!!
Subject: Thanks for the beautifull show in Brasil !!!
From: thaisinhaaa on 04/13/2009

My name is Thais, 18 years I am a fan of KISS have some time, and I congratulate you for the shows in Brazil! been waiting for some time. And when he got the big time, drop us fans excited to cry ... it was the largest espetacuto, the biggest and best show, the largest party, and the greatest thrill of my life and other fans, not only here but also in Brazil Latin America and the world ...
Not just the adrenaline, the more we are waiting for the next show ..
I share what we feel when we know that there would be concerts in Brazil to KISS ..
We feel a joy out of the ordinary, we were in an emotional state of full arousal, which seemed no end nunca. Foi something that is not unlimited, the minutes of thought seemed to be eternity, the bad nights stays focused on that issue that our hearts were pularem by mouth of happiness, it was really pure realization that I and the KISS fans were feeling from when it was confirmed by Kol .. second in the KOL clicking on to see if confirmed, and confirmed as the largest show the face of the earth I count the days , the hours, the minutes and seconds .....
Frankly after all the bad that happened at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, I am very happy because it is something that I would at all times good or bad in my life ....

I'm a really intense and expansive joy, in a state of spiritual satisfaction of joy out of the ordinary, I am trying to express myself in every way possible ... most think that there is no single way to express our heart when not speak for us .. so I share with you my thoughts, and my greatest joy so far in my life .. PS: I'm sorry for horrible english! (laughter)
The best day of my life
Subject: The best day of my life
From: ricardoantunes on 04/13/2009
Hi guys.

This is to thank you for the best day in my life. I ve been a kiss fan for 26 years and you always stood there for me in good and bad moments. But go to you concert in sao paulo is till this day the best moment in my life, and i can say that to top that, just if i see you again. I send to you a pic of me and the love of my life Clarissa (now a kiss fan too) in the stadium right before the show start. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love u forever.

Ricardo Antunes
first ever colombian show... thank you for everything
Subject: first ever colombian show... thank you for everything
From: colombiantrooperdan on 04/13/2009
Dear KISS:

It was the late 80's, and I discovered rock n roll. As a child rock and rockstars were far away dreams that lived in a sort of magic world where everything was possible. "Forever" was playing on the radio in those days, and the 70's image of KISS (and rock n roll in general) was widely publicized by colombian catholics (roughly every adult I knew) as the proper face of evil. Of course it scared the bejeezez out of me when I realized that "the devil's music" rang a chord within me, specially when I saw these "demons" as ordinary guys singing a beautiful love song -singing along was one of my first efforts to speak english-.

It was the beginning of a journey.

I have to confess that I didn't have as much exposure to your music as a kid, as many KISS hardcore fans have (and boast about). My love for your overall presence and music began properly with a love that me and Gene share: comic books. In '96 the Unplugged album came out, then the reunion tour and the 1990's Psycho Circus series on image comics... everything came together to form a perfect storm of kickass entertainment that I tasted from a distance, knowing that the Reunion Tour wouldn't even approach these parts. I was hooked on your image and power, then came the Alive albums (very hard to find for a catholic school boy in South America) and the music was raw, deep and precious, the template for gutsy, sexy rock n roll. You guys grabbed me by both balls literally (comics and rock n roll).

Finally, after having settled for never seeing a Live KISS show, after years of fantasizing with action figures, a spinning record and a couple flashlights came the news: "KISS is coming to Colombia" -ni por el putas pelao, a Colombia no viene esa banda!. I couldn't believe it until the day I had my ticket, and then when the day finally came, after ten hours of waiting in the front row of the arena, overcome with the heat, the crowd, the hunger and the thirst I stil had trouble believing I was indeed going to see you guys LIVE. You guys rocked the house, and everything was just perfect, everything you'll expect of a KISS show and more, specially considering that heart warming rendition of "forever" -as we all see it, a very special treat for us, because of its rawness and honesty-, which took me across 20 years of love for music. You guys represent everything that rock stands for, and you showed it to us colombians in its purest form: with fire and brimstone and a flying demon with outstretched wings making our souls shake in excitement!!!!

you have given a new meaning to Semana Santa (holy week - easter), by showing all the haters and the bigots who tried to teach us to believe you guys were the devil incarnate, crushing chickens and sticking a cat in Peter's bass drum, that KISS, and rock in general, are feeling and passion rather than destruction and hate. In a country where people love to raise hell over anything and being a conman is a national tradition, there wasn't a single act of vandalism or riot that could be made as an excuse to follow another national tradition: demonizing everything that seems strange and unusual. The KISS army showed the real rockers' true colors, just like you guys did.

Thousands of souls beating to the rythm of rock and roll: Thank you KISS for the soundtrack to our lives.

Daniel Aldana V.
Medellín, Colombia SA
I Can't Wait!
Subject: I Can't Wait!
From: brandonio33 on 04/13/2009
KISS, I heard that you are having a tour this Fall according to the votes of fans, and I voted for you to come like ten times! I will keep voting until i know that you are coming to New Jersey or New York. Keep on rocking and keep thriving with your career! You Rock!
this is my letter to the KOL on the show.
Subject: this is my letter to the KOL on the KISS show.
From: Ricardo Akira Kobayachi on 04/13/2009
Ae Fan Club this is my letter to the KOL on the KISS show.

Well my dream was realized after 10 years of dreams and expectations
And false alarms on them coming to Brazil, but that day arrived on April 7.
The guy played and sang for most of Paul to the cloak was Bolado and feet to show the ball was up that day wake (or sleep) 3:30 to go to the show was already 6:00 in the morning I met back in the queue galera a great caravan of Itapeva after Curitiba talked exchange e-mail etc.. 10 has been our goal and know that it was the same applaud the KISS was the closest to the stage who was not VIP
Well this is ai galera cried (take) the emotion spoke louder. And fights in Curitiba and staff that treated me well Itapeva Paulo, Roberto Ricardo Simmons among others.
Dreams realized after 10 years
Subject: Dreams realized after 10 years
From: Ricardo Akira Kobayachi on 04/13/2009
KISS Live in Brazil

great caravan of Itapeva after Curitiba talked exchange e-mail etc.. 10 has been our goal and know that it was the same applaud the KISS was the closest to the stage who was not VIP Well this is ai galera cried (take) the emotion spoke louder. And fights in Curitiba and staff that treated me well Itapeva Paulo, Roberto Ricardo Simmons among others.
From: andybuonfrate on 04/13/2009
I wanted to thank you because after 32 year being a KISS fan, I could enjoy a perfect night watching my favourite band with my daughter CELESTE, she is 12 and a huge KISS fan like me.

It was awesome , and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks from Bogota
Subject: Thanks from Bogota
From: maravilla on 04/13/2009
Thanks, Gene, Paul, Tommy, Erick… Thanks KISS for this great spectacle that let to us enjoy in Bogota.
in Argentina!!!
Subject: Kiss in Argentina!!!
From: claudiarock on 04/13/2009
Have now been eight days of the show kiss at the River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I'm still excited me, only that who were there as spectators and fans can give witness to the event we have all experienced, and I just I can thank Kiss, they have given a great gift to all his fans that night.

I particularly thank Kiss for these 35 years of unconditional love and talent lot, I'm going to remember beyond this life and eternal life too, I'll never separate of his reign and we will be one in eternity...

I love you so much all!!!!!!!!
long life to kiss
long life to kiss fans!!!!
Klaudia and Johanna from Argentina
in Climax, MN!!!
Subject: KISS in Climax, MN!!!
From: burdman_02 on 04/13/2009
Hey guys, my names Luke, and both I'm a resident of the small town of Climax, MN and lead singer for our local band Driftwood. That would be great if you were to play here! I've got everyone I know signing up to have you here! If your looking for a liaison for our wonderful community, hit me up! Hope to see you, if not here, somewhere close really soon!
Joao Pedro Meet
Subject: Joao Pedro Meet KISS
From: Márcio Augusto on 04/13/2009
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