come to Belo Horizonte
Subject: Kiss come to Belo Horizonte
From: queenzimbabue on 04/21/2009
The first time you came to BH I was not born, but now I am and you come to Brazil and you have not come to BH (I am sosad for that). My parents did not let me go because it was during the week and they did not want make me miss class Do not go to BH is an attitude of a person stupid (Sorry if I am offending) But even without going to a concert of you, the Kiss is still one of my favorite bands I ask to you to meet my request, because I still want to hear: \"All right Brazil. You Wanted the Best, You Got The Best. The hottest band in the world KISS\"
Peruvian´s army
Subject: Peruvianīs Kiss army
From: eegdavila on 04/21/2009
President Alan Garcia and crew. From La Republica, peruvian neswpaper
preparing our premiere
Subject: preparing our premiere
From: kissofrenia on 04/21/2009
Dear KISS,

my partners of KISSOFRENIA and me are preparing the last details for our first show ,next May 2nd in Buenos Aires. Your visit here turned on the KISS fever again, and lots of young fans are hoping for your new cd.

Your last visit made us understand what important you are in our lives, all the fans are joined now and we usually share all the information we have.

We don`t loose the hopes to see you in Buenos Aires again.
Meeting Tommy in Argentina
Subject: Meeting Tommy in Argentina
From: carolport on 04/21/2009
I just wanted to thank Tommy Thayer for taking this picture with me. Flying from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires was worth every minute just to KISS perform. They were magnificent - I knew they wouldn't let me down - they never do !!

I hope I can meet the entire band in Canada and get a picture with them. That would be a dream come true ! KISS is the BEST band in the world !!!

Hugs and KISSes,
Carolynn (a fan since I was 5 years old)
Subject: Demand Kiss
From: ramonolivera on 04/21/2009
The foto of the first letter was not corect
Dear: Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy
I am a boy of Barcelona and i am 14 i know that this is only a other letter of your fans, but i would like to think that this letter has something special. I would like that Kiss come to Barcelona soon becouse there are a lot of fans of you. Last thusdey i make a work about Kiss in my school, i dressed me same as paul, and it was very fun, all my friends like it.I thing that Kiss is the best band of the world, and my dream is to see Kiss live in Barcelona. I know that my english is not very good, sorry :).
Another cool photo from Caracas, Venezuela!
Subject: Another cool photo from Caracas, Venezuela!
From: nathaliehaaf on 04/20/2009
Magical moment during Black Diamond!
My great photo of Paul!
Subject: My great photo of Paul!
From: nathaliehaaf on 04/20/2009
I think the file was too big and it didnt get attached on my previous letter.. Much love boys!!
My little review from the show in Caracas!
Subject: My little review from the show in Caracas!
From: nathaliehaaf on 04/20/2009
An Unforgettable KISS, set Caracas on Fire!!

We wanted the best and we got it!!

The Kiss concert in Caracas, Venezuela on friday night was an experience out of this world, it was mind blowing...Words cannot express how it was like to be there at the stadium seeing, enjoying, breathing, and feeling KISS ALIVE!! During the show we had everything, since flames, explosions, fireworks,smoke, blood and even the rain decided to join us for a few minutes. The atmosphere was pure, exquisite, and raw rock and roll, we wanted the best and we got it!!

Definitely it was beyond my wildest dreams. A night that will always remain in my heart, a dream come true!2 hours and half of an impeccable display of sound, an amazing talent, greatness and perfection.. Plus the charisma of one of the best frontman ever in rock history, Mr Paul Stanley, who kept during the whole show an incredible chemistry with the audience.One of the higlights for me was having Paul flying all over me, that was the most surreal moment of my life, he looked like coming out from a magazine and suddenly there he was all glamorous and stylish with his big boots in front of me singing Love Gun. I felt like i was inside of a dvd or something.

The whole show was filled with a great vibe, heat and a fantastic energy and adrenaline,the heaven got on fire and so we all did!! And to make the night even more memorable, they played with the help of the audience Forever, it was very moving, i was certainly one of the people screaming for it hehe..

Thank you so much KISS from coming to our country, much appreciated, hope to see you soon again. You made me feel what is like to be alive, and its awesome! I LOVE YOU! *hands down* We cant get enough from you!!*kisses*

, Alive 35 Caracas 17-04-2009
Subject: Kiss, Alive 35 Caracas 17-04-2009
From: ymy on 04/20/2009
It is only the beginning. Now Venezuela is yours.

Waooo the Kiss concert in Caracas, was the greatest I've seen in my life, I never thought I would come up here, when I heard, my heart almost burst of emotion, and at that precise moment I said I have to see them nearby, and so, with great effort, I bought the tickets and not only that but I sent my costume design, makeup and it was bought that day was the most wonderful of my life, I saw, I saw Paul, Gene Tommy and Eric, and they also saw me, because I was in the front row, dressed like Starchild ... Dioss that emotion ... Thanks Kiss, to make the April 17th 2009 a memorable day .... I hope to see you again soon ...
We Demand
Subject: We Demand KISS
From: Salvantis & Carlinda Begay on 04/19/2009
from Ganado, AZ.
We demanded KISS, we seen KISS last August at the Palms in Las Vegas, we stood second row and center, next time around, we are taking our son, Ayden Santiago Begay.
omg i cant wait for you to come to calgary alberta
Subject: omg i cant wait for you to come to calgary alberta
From: tommythayerlovernumberone on 04/19/2009
dear tommy,gene,paul and eric

my name is andrea cross, i am 11 years old. i live in calgary alberta canada.

i know you must get a million letters and they all say the same thing and i hope this one is different. you guys help me through the bad days, i was told by the doctors when i was in grade one that i have type one diabetes. i am insulin dependent i need four to five shots day it hurts and i wish it was gone forever. when i have a shot and it stings i get angry,your music makes me relax and feel better i want to thank you for that.tommy,gene,paul and eric i have been a huge fan since day one and since i heard rock n roll all night and party all day. thanks for bringing a smile to my face daily and keep on rockin my world

andrea cross
calgary alberta canada
please come to calgary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and.......i love your hair!!!!!!
and.......... im in love with tommy!!!!! hes sooooo hot!!!!!!! sorry amber!! and congrades on the wedding, im happy for you tommy and amber!!!!! your such a perfect and cute couple!!!!!!
in caracas venezuela
Subject: kiss in caracas venezuela
From: juanckiss on 04/19/2009
kiss in caracas venezuela
From: jlnicholls on 04/19/2009
My son (8) is a huge fan! He would love for KISS to be his first concert experience! We will be waiting to hear when you are coming to Calgary!!
Photo of the concert of Peru Lima 14 April
Subject: Photo of the concert of Peru Lima 14 April
From: librano on 04/19/2009

I am a new member and desire to send photos to them of the concert that we the past enjoyed in April 14 Peru Lima. With some of my friends of our called group "The ChapulKISSboys" is real that we enjoy much in the concert. It was one night spectacular for us who we are fans of the band since young people and will be unforgettable by the rest of our lives. We are sure that we were the hottest night of the planet.

I invite them to visit my Blog where I have post an article on the matter.

Greetings from Peru Lima

another photo of the concert of Peru Lima April 14
Subject: another photo of the concert of Peru Lima April 14
From: librano on 04/19/2009

Here is another photo of the concert of Peru Lima 14 April

Thanks for its attention and if it can visualize it in the page Web

Greetings from Peru Lima

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