Gene and Paul Sculptures
Subject: Gene and Paul Sculptures
From: battle on 03/16/2009
Here is some sculptures I hand made, of Gene and Paul. Keep on Rocking!
Message for Paul
Subject: Message for Paul
From: Carlos on 03/16/2009
Hey Paul! Back in 1999 my dream came true: meeting you after the concert at Porto Alegre, Brazil. It had been 16 years of waiting since 1983 until that day. I spoke to you and I have kept the autograph you gave me with pride and affection. Ten years later I look forward to seeing you and the \"boys\" again. Greetings from and old friend, Carlos - KISS Brasil by Orkut
Peruvian Army - Carnival
Subject: Peruvian KISS Army - KISS Carnival
From: Augusto Paredes on 03/15/2009
Hi The last weekend, part of the peruvian KISS fan club \'Kiss Carnival\', did a series of press appearances, inviting all the people to the KISS concert this April 14th. KISS Rules!! thanx
Brazil Concerts Poster
Subject: Brazil Kiss Concerts Poster
From: Daniel Dutra on 03/15/2009
At last, the advertising poster for the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo concerts Kiss are going to do next April. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely, Daniel Dutra
A huge in Rio de Janeiro newspaper article
Subject: A huge Kiss in Rio de Janeiro newspaper article
From: Daniel Dutra on 03/15/2009
As I promised, the image of the article with Kiss being the most important concert in Rio de Janeiro. It was published by \"O Globo\", the biggest newspaper in Rio and one of the most important newspapers in Brazil. Sincerely, Daniel Dutra
Rio de Janeiro Concert Poster
Subject: Rio de Janeiro Kiss Concert Poster
From: Daniel Dutra on 03/15/2009
Hi everyone! I\'ve been waiting to send this e-mail, and here it is. Actually, it will be three different letters because of the images - I believe you\'ll like them. First of all, the most important newspaper in Rio de Janeiro has at least three times a week the poster for the 8th April concert, at Apoteose. Besides that, in late February the newspaper, which is one of the three biggest newspapers in Brazil, published an article about the 17 international shows that are going to happen in town within the next three months. Actually, some of them were already done (like Simply Red and Iron Maiden), but the cool thing is that Kiss had the most important part of the article, with a huge picture. Last Saturday, March 14th, Iron Maiden played for 20.000 fans at the same place Kiss is going to play next month. The expectations are even bigger, and everybody is expecting much more people. And guess what? After the opening act, and just before Iron Maiden enter the stage, the sound system started to play \"Rock and Roll All Nite\", and it was beautiful to hear 20.000 people singing along with the playback! Imagine when Kiss, the real deal, play the song! By the way, I\'m also going to send the image of the promotional poster for the two shows in Brazil, including São Paulo, and as soon as I can take the picture, also the street poster for the show in Rio de Janeiro. I\'ve seen it in lots of different points of the city. Unfortunately there will be no meet & greet for the shows in Brazil, specially in Rio de Janeiro, but I can\'t wait for the gigs - I will be there for the São Paulo concert on April 7th either! Sincerely, Daniel Dutra
en Venezuela
Subject: KISS en Venezuela
From: federico666 on 03/15/2009
hey!!!! I´ve been a KISS fan for many years, and me a others great KISS fans are waiting to see the hottest band in the world KISS: WELCOME TO VENEZUELA!!!!!
Europe 2009? And some comments about Munich 2008.
Subject: Europe 2009? And some comments about Munich 2008.
From: alexatsea on 03/14/2009
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy! I attended several of your Alive 35 concerts in Europe during Spring/Summer 2008. In Munich I also attended the \"Meet & Greet\" and Soundcheck which was a very memorable experience. The only pity was that \"our\" (the Meet & Greet participants) time to actually MEET you, was cut by your management, rushing you off to the photo session with the media (when you put your hand-imprints into cement for the Munich \"walk of the stars\".) It was not very \"charming\" to hear your management team talk amongst each other about the fans that were attending the \"Meet & Greet\" while in the room. Just because one is in a foreign country does not mean that people don\'t understand English... Some of us had actually traveled from far and all had paid top-cash to attend this event. So when some \"important dude with a laminate around his neck\" then mumbles to his colleague: \"Have those people been told that they only get one piece signed? And let\'s rush them through as fast as we can! We have the media waiting for the \"hands in cement session\"! \", it is very sad. We know that Media coverage is very important for you, but for someone who has waited his entire life to meet you and to attend the Meet & Greet, this is very disappointing... It was the 2nd concert of the tour and things still seemed a bit upside down scheduling-wise. Having worked with big crowds myself, I know that not always does everything go as planned, but the attitude of those \"important people with laminates\", that were accompanying you, towards your faithful fans was unfortunately not a very positive experience. But enough about that now, here\'s my question: During all concerts I attended at the Alive 35 tour, Paul was asking the audience if they liked the show and if the people would want KISS to come back again next year... With Alive 35 continuing now in spring in South America and the recording of the new album (which we are all looking forward to very much by the way), how realistic is it that we will get to see you in Europe this summer 2009??? Oh, and look for my upload of the \"KISS Alive 35 - Soundcheck Munich - May 11, 2008\" on youtube. This might be some rare footage since you did decide to cut the soundcheck-program after a couple of concerts. Thanks for a great 36 years so far (I was born in January 1973...)! Keep on rocking! Alex from Salzburg, Austria P.S. And many thanks to Eric for taking your time before the Munich concert to come out of the stadium for a few moments to sign some autographs - you got one of the most memorable days of my life started exactly how I had dreamed of it.
Subject: Indonesia
From: daudlies on 03/11/2009
Just like to share photo from my trip to Indonesia, Bali.
Picture to go with Special Olympics Letter
Subject: Picture to go with Special Olympics Letter
From: buckeyedoyle on 03/11/2009
Sorry - just resized the pic to meet size requirements... Thanks. Doyle E. Rausch
Paul Look-Alike Raises $550, Wins Prize for Special Olympics
Subject: Paul Look-Alike Raises $550, Wins Prize for Special Olympics
From: buckeyedoyle on 03/11/2009
Hello. Last weekend I participated - dressed as Paul - in the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge in Columbus, Ohio. Through the generosity of my friends, I was able to rasie $550 for the cause AND I won best individual costume (before I jumped into a pool of freezing water). I think helping others is part of what the KISS Army stands for! Rock On! Doyle E. Rausch Columbus, Ohio
- I was made for loving you video in comic
Subject: KISS - I was made for loving you video in comic
From: eddiesp on 03/11/2009
Is cool ;) .
Sales of tickets in Colombia Today
Subject: Sales of tickets kiss in Colombia Today
From: eddiesp on 03/11/2009
Sales of tickets kiss in Colombia: today 11 of March in .
My Best Birthday
Subject: My Best Birthday
From: mario_ace on 03/11/2009
Dear KISS, I\'m a big fan of you since 1993 when i was just 10 years old. I always wanted to go to a kiss show, i had the chance in 1997 but i was too young to go by myself, i thought that i would never attend a show of you but the destiny wanted that it happens on my birthday this year. I will be attendig your show in Chile in April 3rd, the exact day of my #26 birthday, and that day will be my best B-Day EVER, a day that i wont forget too easy. Now i\'m counting the days with big expectations to see by myself the big rock show on earth, and the best part of it, in my country and in my B-Day =) Thanks so much KISS Best Regards Mario Rubke M A Chilean KISS Fan
From: Dalila on 03/10/2009
Hello KISS, I attended the Art Expo in NYC\'s Jacob Javits Convention Center yesterday (March 1, 2009), and I came across this (attached) print. Is this endorsed by your band? With love, Dalila K. .
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