O Globo Newspaper, 03/28/2009
Subject: O Globo Newspaper, 03/28/2009
From: marqueslovegun on 03/27/2009
Hi friends, congratulations.Here is a page of newspaper O Globo, on march,25. News of the your show in april,8, in Rio de Janeiro. I hope us! Greetings, Anselmo Marques
Wellcome To Bogota
Subject: Wellcome To Bogota
From: leogarzon on 03/26/2009
My name is Leonardo Garzon R., I welcome you to Bogota, Colombia, I live in this city and it is amazing and incredible that KISS will be in my city, I hear you since I am 8 years old, I am 32 years old, the waiting is over, on April 11 will be the most important day in my life, my favorite band is KISS, you are most important in my musical life, I love you. Thank you, thank you for being here and I hope that is not the only time. You are the best in the world. You Wanted the best... you gotted the best....
In Venezuela!
Subject: Kiss In Venezuela!
From: starchild2006 on 03/25/2009
Here a good picture of the poster circulating in Venezuela, we are excited about a visit because it is the first time in history that KISS visit our country. We wanted The best And We Got it!! See You In the Concert Fellas!!
My Awesome Gene Simmons Cake!
Subject: My Awesome Gene Simmons Cake!
From: Aaron Knight on 03/25/2009
Check out this amazing cake my girlfriend Caroline got me for my birthday yesterday! Our friend Adriana makes gourmet cakes and she did an awesome job with this one. Yes, that incredibly accurate likeness of Gene is edible, but I can't bring myself to eat it yet because it looks so great! My girlfriend knows I love Kiss, so this was an amazing gift from her!
From: goar_kiss on 03/24/2009
TU QUIERES LO MEJOR Y CONSIGUES LO MEJOR… LA BANDA MAS ARDIENTE DEL MUNDO…. KISS!!!! Apreciados maestros de KISS y kissonline.com, soy Goar Sánchez y fan de KISS desde hace casi 30 años, vivo en valencia – Venezuela. Nos complace muchísimo saber que Uds. pisen por primera vez nuestro país en su gira ALIVE 35. Durante muchos años tuvimos la esperanza de poderlos ver pero todo ha sido inútil; sino hasta ahora que por fin podernos disfrutar con Uds. de la conmemoración de los 35 años del disco ALIVE!... un gran sueño que está por hacerse realidad… Todos contamos los días… A pesar de que aquí no hay casi revistas de rock sino las que vienen de afuera, pude obtener un recorte de una revista de Valencia llamada PARENTESIS, y un afiche grande que sacamos de una de las autopista de CARACAS (capital de VENEZUELA) donde salió el anuncio del tan esperado concierto de KISS EN VENEZUELA… Aquí les envió el recorte de la revista, las fotos del afiche y un afiche conmemorativo al evento hecho por mí personalmente!!!! ARRIBA KISS & KISS ARMY en VENEZUELA Y EL MUNDO ENTERO!!! PD: si no es mucha molestia me gustaría que entre sus temas pudieran tocar SHANDI… Me mataría ese tema!!!
My Gene Tattoo
Subject: My Gene Tattoo
From: psychlo on 03/23/2009
HI, here is my Gene Tattoo! It was made last Sunday 22.March at the Frankfurt Tattoo Convention in Germany. I love it ! Now I am in the KISS Army forever ! Greetings from Hamburg Germany Andre R.
Carnival Peru
Subject: KISS Carnival Peru
From: tpinna on 03/23/2009
We, The KISS Carnival Fan Club in Perú, are waiting for the concert next April 14th. We are sure it will be the best and greatest concert ever seen. Here is the official web of the Fan Club in Perú: http://www.kisscarnival.com/ . KISSencerely, Roberto Pinna
When a dream, comes into reality
Subject: When a dream, comes into reality
From: Guilherme Ferreira on 03/23/2009
My greetings, Gene, Paul, Eric and Thommy. Guys, i am here for 2 things that i need that you know... 1- You are the best band in the world! Kiss music make\'s noise into my soul, and makes me really happy! 2- I never was in your show, but in the first time in my life, April 7, i\'ll see you just in my front! I know that you receive a lot of fans letter here, but just keep this in your heart...since i heard KISS, the first music were SHOCK ME, since this day, everytime that i hear this(or anyone else) music, all the shows that i saw about you, pass in my eye like a flash. So more then ever, April 7, you will make my dream comes into reality. and i will remember this for all my entire life! Just playing with my imagination and think you saying \"All right São Paulo, you want the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the World, KISS !!!! (Starting Deuce)\" i feel legless... Thanks a lot Success for you whole life, Regards, Guilherme Ferreira São Paulo - Brazil
Waiting for rock n roll all nite in Venezuela!!!!!
Subject: Waiting for rock n roll all nite in Venezuela!!!!!
From: federico666 on 03/23/2009
The countdown began, the pulse accelerate while the great day is coming!!!! The Blood pressure are increase, the expectation!!!!! the throat wanna SCREAM!!!!!! ROCK N´ROLL ALL NITE, AND PARTY EVERY DAY!!!!!! just a few day left!!!!
- Mineirão Stadium, Belo Horizonte, Brasil 1983 - VERY VERY RARE FOOTAGE!!!
Subject: KISS - Mineirão Stadium, Belo Horizonte, Brasil 1983 - VERY VERY RARE FOOTAGE!!!
From: Guilherme Vinicius on 03/23/2009
Hey guys! This is a video of KISS performing in the Mineirão Stadium, Belo Horizonte, Brazil on June 23 1983. This footage is never seen before. Notice that Paul is wearing a Clube Atletico Mineiro shirt, that is a Brazilian football team from Belo Horizonte. This footage is one of the most rare KISS videos in Brazil. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tFftCSU-Lk or Greetings from Brazil!! Guilherme Vinicius - Odyssey Studios/KISS Brasil www.odysseystudios.co.nr
Poster - Bus Stop
Subject: Poster - Bus Stop
From: Anselmo Marques on 03/23/2009
KISS Poster at bus stop in Rio Thanks ! Anselmo Marques - Rio de Janeiro
Halloween Time!
Subject: Halloween Time!
From: fiola12333 on 03/22/2009
Hello Guys! My son Christopher was really rocking down the surrounding streets last Halloween! He got a lot of treats from your fans. Man, you are really beloved and popular in Montreal! We can\'t wait to see you on July 13th 2009 at the Montreal Bell Center.
Subject: KISS IN
From: GIULIANO SILVA OGNIO on 03/22/2009
Hi, check KISS on the cover of the Peruvian Magazine "Dedo Medio". This is my KISS blog in spanish (The one and only in Perù). http://godsofthunder.blogspot.com/ .
Teaser trailer for Lima Concert
Subject: Kiss Teaser trailer for Lima Concert
From: renzoortiz on 03/22/2009
Here is the link to the Kiss Teaser trailer for Lima upcoming concert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2PUaroNCrQ .
\"Domingão do Faustão\"
Subject: \"Domingão do Faustão\"
From: Rodrigo Luis Dippold on 03/21/2009
Hey KISS! Here´s in this link a Kiss Cover Band, that wins like best cover in TV in this Sunday. The program name is \"Domingão do Faustão\" (Sunday´s Faustão). Rock N Roll All Night was play live, and the big guy of the program, Faustão, say that KISS will be in April in Brazil. Me and the KISS Army will be there! Please we want to hear God Gave Rock N Roll To You II. http://tvglobo.domingaodofaustao.globo.com/programa/2009/03/08/destroyer-kiss-cover-vence-etapa-de-os-imitadores . Rodrigo Luis Dippold
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