Time to think about some tory.
Subject: Time to think about some kisstory.
From: messom on 03/03/2009
Hi guys from one of your Australian fans, I changed jobs a couple of years back after having served in the police force for 19 years. As a train driver I now have the luxury of listening to the greatest band in the world while I work and it inspired me to write the following poem. I hope you enjoy it, I call it Rock n roll marathon. When I got my first kiss it was such a thrill. She was hotter than hell and dressed to kill. So alive, a destroyer couldn’t stop me now. The originals reminded me, it’s not who but how. Love to rock n roll over, can always do with a few. Get your lovegun out and she’ll feel alive too. A double platinum feeling, I hate to kiss and tell. Like four solo acts and a best of as well. An army was formed and they sing along. As we took off, on a rock n roll marathon. A dynasty created, keep up or be unmasked. The elder will tell you it’s never going to last. Killers let loose like creatures of the night. Make you lick it up, always ready for a fight. You sometimes have to anamalize your inner child. Locked in an asylum, crazy nights, running wild. Smashes thrashes and hits, I can take it all. It’s hot in the shade, get revenge, you’re going to fall. Still alive, three times could have failed. You can kiss my ass, not going to be nailed. And the army stand with pride, loving the ride. As we power along, on a rock n roll marathon. So celebrate unplugged because you wanted the best. You’ve got the best, but don’t forget the rest. Cause the greatest kiss is like a carnival of souls. The final sessions, all members played their roles. Psycho circus in town and a return to the paint. The box set is awesome, a pretender it aint. The very best of kiss, a symphony of pleasure. The millennium collection, like gold to treasure. As the chronicles of time and alive 35 will show. They’re the greatest ikons we’ve seen, you know. The army still sings, loud and proud since 75. The guys are still rockin, fast, hard and alive. Together as one, on a rock n roll marathon. Anyway thanks for all the great tunes and I hope to see you again in the land down under. Pete Messom
Richard Ray\'s Comments Concerning Original Line-up
Subject: Richard Ray\'s Comments Concerning Original Line-up
From: kissfan2025 on 03/02/2009
Dear Gene, I haven\'t written to Kiss Online in a while, but after reading the comments from Richard Ray concerning the original line-up, particularly Peter, I felt I had to write. I pick you to address it to as I know in the past you\'ve expressed, even on DVD, that you wish that the original group had stayed together but you\'ve also stated what happened with Peter & his \'situation\'. I\'m aware that Peter has acted like he was \'held back\' in Kiss, that HIS material was over-looked, etc. You, Gene, on the other hand, have maintained that Peter was let go due to \'substances\'. Although I can\'t speak for Peter, I do believe, though, that as a fan, I can possibly offer where things may\'ve gone wrong. \'Beth\' was a humongous hit for Kiss. It was also instrumental in myself becoming a fan. I was in the 7th grade then (I\'m 45 now). I LOVED the song! I then proceeded, if memory serves me correctly, to buy Rock and Roll Over, then Kiss Alive!, then Destroyer, then the 1st 3 albums, & finally Love Gun as soon as it was released. Interestingly, even though \'Beth\' is what \'hooked\' me, I found myself to actually be more of a hard rock fan along the lines of Kiss, Aerosmith, Queen, Ted Nugent, etc. \'Beth\', I believe, was a turning point for Peter. Even though it was considered a Kiss hit, I believe it went to Peter\'s head since it was his song, he sang it, & all of that. A short while later, \'Hard Luck Woman\' was also a hit, & even though Paul wrote it, Peter once again sang lead vocal. Gene, keep in mind that within 2 years you guys were all coming out with solo albums. That\'s a FAR cry from where you guys were, even as late as Love Gun. On Kissology Vol. 2 commentary, Paul pointed out how even though Peter played in a rock band, he was actually more of a \'big-band, swing\' type of drummer, & that that\'s sort of what he brought to Kiss. Here\'s another area that I feel has bothered Peter. Remember, he was a \'drummer willing to do anything to make it\'. I think part of the problem is that Peter really WAS a \'big-band, swing, jazz, easy listening, oldies, ballads\' type of musician, but his success was achieved in a HARD ROCK band. Could it be possible that in a sense that Peter DENIED himself? He was really the previously mentioned performer, but he also wanted to hit the big time, so he was \'willing to do anything to make it\'. So I believe in a way that he denied what he REALLY wanted & went with Kiss. Kiss did indeed hit the big time, but he STILL wasn\'t happy. I personally believe these type of issues caused him to not even be satisfied when he had fame & fortune, & I believe his part in the hits that Kiss was having ultimately went to his head & he felt it ought to be about himself. Gene, I\'ll be honest with you & admit that back in the day even I thought that Peter & Ace were treated like \'underdogs\' & that you & Paul wanted all the spotlight, but in this present day & age, I\'m kind of getting both sides of the story. I believe you truly DID want the original line-up, but, oh well! In closing, I\'d like to say that personally I believe Peter AND Ace should\'ve stayed, because let\'s face it, the solo gigs didn\'t exactly pan out, yet Kiss CONTINUED to have success regardless, & they lost out on that. I also believe that Kiss is the type of band where the whole is GREATER than the sum of its\' parts. In other words, Kiss is a cohesive whole that WORKS as a whole. I don\'t believe ANY member of Kiss should EXCLUSIVELY have a solo career IN PLACE of Kiss. As Stan Lee used to say, \"NUFF SAID!\" Sincerely, Tim H. Moss kissfan2025
Classic 70s
Subject: Classic 70s
From: miguelito22 on 03/02/2009
Gene and Paul, Attached is a photo I took of the band during the Alive II tour, in Lubbock, Texas in 1977. The photo is self-explanatory as to why you guys were the biggest band on the planet. It was my first Kiss concert and I\'ve been hooked ever since. I just wanted to thank you for the memories. The Professor
Taylor Swift Band As
Subject: Taylor Swift Band As KISS
From: mwvarley on 03/02/2009
Hey KISS! I was meaning to send this a long time ago but I finally remembered to get around to doing it! Back in November Taylor Swift (Pop Country Music Star) posted one of her video blogs on her Myspace which along with many other things also included some footage of her guitarists from Halloween dressed up as KISS! The Halloween part starts at about 2:10 into the video! Enjoy!!! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=45892717 November 11th.
Salgueiro won Rio\'s Carnival
Subject: Salgueiro won Rio\'s Carnival
From: Marcio Augusto on 03/02/2009
Salgueiro won Rio\'s Carnival Videos from Winners\' Parade - 02/28 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s1p7e_n6eM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAIfVGlH6pw (Bossa Nova) Don’t forget , watch in high quality... YouTube: \"to look at this video in high quality\" . Upload: Roberto Simmons & Marcio Augusto - KISS ARMY BRASIL www.kissarmy.com.br
Gene is \'Photo of the Year\'!
Subject: Gene is \'Photo of the Year\'!
From: Dennis on 03/01/2009
Hi KISS, Krone, the biggest newspaper in Austria, held a contest for \"2008 Photo of the year\"...and the winner was this photo of Gene Simmons!! http://www.krone.at/krone/S25/object_id__133580/hxcms/index.html . Greetings, Dennis - Diehard Fan since 1978
Photos ESP -Eric Singer Project in Prague and Pratteln
Subject: Photos ESP -Eric Singer Project in Prague and Pratteln
From: Concerts Live Switzerland on 03/01/2009
Hello ! All my photos concerts Eric Singer Project in Prague (Cezch Republic) on 02.10.2009 and 02.18.2009 in Pratteln Z7 (Switzerland) on: www.concerts-live.ch. Greetings Concerts-Live Switzerland Stéphane Harnisch www.concerts-live.ch . MySpace http://www.myspace.com/youpi68 .
in\' in cleveland
Subject: kissin\' in cleveland
From: ginokiss23 on 02/28/2009
Dear KISS, I just wanted to ask if you would come to Cleveland for your 2009 Tour. You guys went kissin in Cleveland, recorded parts of 2 live albums in Cleveland, and we are the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (a place where you guys should be). You should come to the Quicken Loans Arena. I don\'t know if i\'ll be sitting front row, but i know i\'ll be there. Rock on!!!!!!!! a cover of a bootleg album i saw online from the revenge tour; Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, 11/29/92 Thanks, Gino
in Swedish \"Let\'s Dance\"
Subject: KISS in Swedish \"Let\'s Dance\"
From: forsstrom94 on 02/28/2009
Hi Kiss! Just wanted to show you a picture from a Swedish Let\'s Dance! The person that showes her underwear is Laila Bagge.
From: juliosimmons on 02/27/2009
Just is one more information. The Samba School \"Salgueiro\" was Championish on last Wednesday ! Thank you KOL.
My Gene Costume
Subject: My Gene Costume
From: lynnkissfan on 02/27/2009
Friends and family have been on me for months to post this pic. The entire costume is hand made including the bass. Hope you like
The official poster of in Perú!!!
Subject: The official poster of KISS in Perú!!!
From: tpinna on 02/27/2009
This is the official concert poster of KISS in Lima-Perú,is very exciting... KISSencerely; Roberto Pinna.
Latin TV show Huevoscartoons
Subject: Latin TV show Huevoscartoons
From: The Professor on 02/26/2009
Today, on the Latin TV show Huevoscartoons, there was a snippet of you and the rest of the band in full costume and makeup, violently pummeling another character. I don\'t know if you\'re familiar with the show, but all the cartoon characters speak Spanish and are egg-shaped. I\'ve not been able to find this episode anywhere else and wondered if you knew of it. Despite his violent behaviour, I thought you might enjoy seeing your \"alter-eggo\". See you on tour soon! The Professor
Subject: KISS FANS
From: Richard Ray on 02/26/2009
Dear Gene, I hope all is well with you and the family and that your all enjoying good health. As a life long fan of KISS and you (two separate things there…) I am one of those fans who love the original line-up best, but I understand that my “fantasy” of that line-up and the reality of those people behind the fantasy are two different, one being fantasy and one reality. So while I wish it would have worked out, and I am pretty sure you said the same yourself, I understand having to do what you have to do and I appreciate Eric (whom I remember from his Cleveland bands proud of you Eric!)and Tommy for helping keep my favorite band going. So anyway, why I am writing? I am writing because I know that fans sometimes give you a hard time for telling the truth and not being afraid of doing what you have to do to keep KISS going. I know you have said that Peter for example complained so much during his last stint with the band. Well I happened upon a video on You Tube of you guys (You Paul and Ace) back stage when Peter was singing Beth. He came back and was livid and just going off and you and Ace had to bring him down a bit and tell him, its okay, you sounded great, I understand etc… After you guys took your bow, he came back saying something like yeah, we are going home!!! So right there is proof of what you have been saying, honestly it sounded like you had done it time and time again, you and Ace sounded like it was “old hat” I was so surprised at Peter and it struck me as childish the way he was acting. So if anyone thinks your B.S.ing they may wish to look at that clip. In conclusion I must say that I do love KISS fans, we are dedicated loyal fans though some of them can be a bit over the top, but also I must admit, we do tend to be a bit spoiled… I think allot of people might not realize how open you especially, out of ANY other member of KISS New or old has been and continue to be with us. I have come to believe over the last 35 years or so, that you really are a “straight shooting” honest man and what you say is not always popular or “comfortable” to hear, but I sincerely believe that you are being forthright and honest with us and open, really much more than anyone should expect even us spoiled fans… Thanks for that. I truly appreciate you Gene and all the happiness you have provided for me for most of my life. I wish you continued success and happiness and can’t wait for the new Album and tour! Respectfully yours, Richard Ray
Brad Liverman
Subject: Brad Liverman
From: KISS ROCKS on 02/26/2009
Hello Gene, I want to thank you for coming back to Montreal for a concert this July. I bought my ticket and I am so excited. First and foremost I think having Tommy and Eric in the lineup is amazing. They are great musicians and performers. I believe this KISS lineup is the strongest and best one. I also can\'t wait to hear the new album. I also recently bought Family Jewels season 3 on DVD and I wanted to tell you I enjoy your show a lot. Thank you for coming back here, you guys made lots of people happy, from, Brad Liverman.
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