Peru loves you...!!! don\'t forget us
Subject: Peru loves you...!!! don\'t forget us
From: 21fiokiss on 10/17/2008
For the hottest band on the world...Kiss!!!! It was supposed that today will be my favorite day, that is to say, the best day for all the kisseros in Peru, because they would come... regrettably that great day it doesn\'t exist, but we have the great hope that they will give us the best day in our lives in some next tour that make!!! We hope eagerly it arrives that day... that day finally my great dream, our great dream will have been completed... to know Kiss (especially to Paul Stanley and to Gene Simmons) We will be waiting for them... We love you!!!!
God of Thunder is much older than 35 years
Subject: God of Thunder is much older than 35 years
From: chikarashigoto on 10/17/2008
Hello KISS, Raijin-the God of Thunder-is usually depicted as a muscled man with a series of drums around him, with which he made the rumbling of thunder. He was created in the 13th century and is standing in Sanjūsangen-do a Buddhist temple in Higashiyama District of Kyoto, Japan. Please take a look at his hairstyle, the open mouth and the structure around his eyes. Doesn\'t it look like Gene? Amazing! Tomazuka
meet 2 times in 4 days Eric Signer!
Subject: meet 2 times in 4 days Eric Signer!
From: dannydumais on 10/17/2008
Yesterday (October 15, 2008), we went to Alice COOPER live show to Montreal Theatre Saint-Denis. After the show, I get the opportunities to see again (2 times in 4 days) Eric Singer in back of Theatre Saint-Denis after the show. I said THANK YOU VERY MUCH to YOU Eric Singer to take 5 minutes of your times to talk with me again. I understand you are very busy and I appreciate that. During my glorious of 5 minutes with Eric, we take some picture with it and after this BIG opportunity. I give a gift to Eric my bracelet. This bracelet has big signification for me, I both this bracelet for my sun (6 year ago) when is born. This bracelet was for him later but when I said to him, Iím going to see it again at the Alice Cooper show, my sun ask to me to give to Eric this bracelet at the Alice Cooper show because Eric is the favourite star of my sun William.
Gene Simmons, at MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Gaudalajara
Subject: Gene Simmons, at MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Gaudalajara
From: Fabio deucenews on 10/17/2008
Here another picture!
Subject: GENE!!
From: Fabio deucenews on 10/17/2008
GENE!!! Love you, and I love the girls too!! Fabio Gene Simmons, at MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Gaudalajara in Messico
milan concert in verona and milan
Subject: milan concert in verona and milan
From: tafkap on 10/16/2008
Hi, this is a video of the concert in Milan e Verona 1) . 2) . 3) id=8ae169269d81bb3c5c3e7fd6d571d795 . 4) . Record by Ghigo from Milan
converse shoes
Subject: converse shoes
From: funkylittlecatman on 10/16/2008
HI Guys, Thanks for the storming show in Bercy earlier this year. My wife Gina and I travelled from England to see KISS play live in France, an event we will NEVER forget!!! You are truly the best!!! Gina\'s Uncle was 60 last week and we were invited to his Birthday party. I wanted to wear something cool and make an impression, I love Converse high-tops, I\'ve got a few pairs and I often wear them with suits (no-one approves...) I bought a new pair especially for the party and decided they needed a little custom job to make them really come ALIVE, so I sewed KISS ARMY patches and military stripes onto them. On the day, Gina\'s Uncle Steven was too busy enjoying his party to notice them but the other guests at the party really liked them. I even had one KISS fan who worked at the hotel stop me to ask where he could buy some!!!
young tribute band performs at expo
Subject: young kiss tribute band performs at kiss expo
From: danealeigh on 10/14/2008
Hello, KISS! On October 11, hundreds of KISS fans attended the Dayton, Ohio, KISS Expo to see a premiere showing of Paul Stanley\'s new DVD; to shop at many KISS merchandise vendors; and to see a great KISS Tribute Band from Cleveland called Mr. Speed. But they also got to see something truly amazing that knocked everyone off their seats....a KISS tribute band made up of 10-13 year olds. They\'re called \"KIDS\", and these youngsters rocked the house with many KISS songs from the 1970s. Not lip-syncing.....I mean they played and sang like pros! One of their parents was inspired by KISS as a youngster, then grew up to study music education and became a music teacher, eventually starting up his own private music teaching school which led to starting up this \"Youngest KISS Tribute Band.\" These kids are the future of rock n roll, and are obviously thankful to KISS for musical inspiration!
Flaming Youth in Rio\'s downtown...
Subject: Flaming Youth in Rio\'s downtown...
From: pugiallir on 10/13/2008
The last picture from Flaming Youth (Brazil #1 KIS tribuet band), to KISS On Line. This picture was from December 2006, at Rio\'s downtown, among buildings from the 19th Century, on the \"red light zone\". Cheers from Brazil
Flaming Youth & Bruce Kulick
Subject: Flaming Youth & Bruce Kulick
From: pugiallir on 10/13/2008
Another photo from Flaming Youth, Brazilian #1 KISS tribuet band. It was from May 12nd. 2007! The night when they played at KissFest just before Bruce Kulick\'s show. An amazing night, when the KISS magic went to Campinas, SP. Cheers from Brazil!
Hi!!!!!!! We Needs You!!!!!
Subject: Hi!!!!!!! We Needs You!!!!!
From: 21fiokiss on 10/13/2008
Hi Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric Well, months ago rumors were heard that 17 in this month would come to make a concert to Lima, Peru like part of their grandiose and wonderful tour, but I believe that everything was an error. Many need of you, we yearn that great concert, because you are the best... You wanted the best, you got the best... The hottest band on the world... Kiss!!! Please, don\'t forget South America, in special Peru... because we needs you!!! We will be waiting for you!!!! We love you!
i meet eric signer at Ottawa
Subject: i meet eric signer at Ottawa
From: dannydumais on 10/12/2008
Hi, i meet eric signer live at ottawa, like you can see on the picture, i make a tatoo on the eric signer signature directly on my arm. My next step will be to have all three other signature directly on my arm from YOU!!! Someone can help me to visit you to do that live!!! i will appreciate if someone can contact me!
my lost ticket
Subject: my lost ticket
From: Alberto Heis from Argentina on 10/11/2008
Dear KISS, I`ve been a KISS fan for 30 years , nowadays I am playing KISS songs with my friends and we have great time doing it. I added the picture of my ticket for the show that unfortunately you couldn`t do in Buenos Aires in 1983.Anyway I could go to see your awesome show some years later in 1994 and 1999. We always wish to have the opportunity to see you again . Regards from Buenos Aires , Argentina.
l\'uomo VOGUE: picture
Subject: l\'uomo VOGUE:KISS picture
From: maat662000 on 10/11/2008
this is a pic on \"l\'uomo VOGUE\",italian magazine.
Stockholm Stadion!
Subject: Stockholm Stadion!
From: jonte11 on 10/11/2008
Thanks for giving us a night to remember.Im a big fan sends -77,first time i heard you was from my cousins record got for birthday.Me and my kids went to Stadion in Stockholm and it was the first time for my kids to see you ,sends they grow up with your music it was a big moment for them,They are still talking about it!Thanks again for bringing good music to me and my family!! Welcome back to Sweden.. Helena Sweden
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