please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: please kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: ra_kiss on 02/14/2009
i´m 15 years old and i´m mexican. I ask from the bottom of my heart come to mexico on this tour, please come many fans waiting for the announcement day and date concert, thank you very much if they come the hottest band in the world !KISS! you wanted the best you got the best MEXICO ROCK CITY kiss in mexico please come
Alice... fan!
Subject: Alice... Kiss fan!
From: stefano69 on 02/14/2009
Alice from Atessa Italy! New generation is ready!
The U.S. Needs To Be ED
Subject: The U.S. Needs To Be KISSED
From: frandalb on 02/14/2009
O.K.- Guys,you are all over South America,and jumping to Canada,KISS ALIVE 35,only touched America for what 4 or 5 shows,what will it be called when you guys do your the U.S.? 35 was last year,we need KISS,we need you NOW,we need you HERE!Hoping to catch you,soon.peace,Randy
Subject: KISS in HALIFAX
From: garettgoreham on 02/14/2009
please bring some good rocking bands to halifax ...i know GENE has the final say on them ... poison /def leppard would be great ...we never get anything good here and having KISS is a thrill for everyone in the maritimes of canada
gene simmons dog
Subject: gene simmons dog KISS
From: jamy1 on 02/14/2009
dog KISS
please guys¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Subject: please guysĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦ
From: jacquez on 02/13/2009
i´m a mexican fan.i´m16 years old.the time you visit monterrey.i didn´t go to the show and i´m wondering if you´ll visit monterrey again.I know you´ll visit argentina canada brazil peru know,mexico really wants to see you again please kiss in mexico kiss in mexico kiss in mexico kiss in mexico here´s a photo of the rock the nation show in mexico
Brazilian Journal - Concert
Subject: Brazilian Journal - KISS Concert
From: Marcio Augusto on 02/13/2009
Brazilian Newspaper - KISS Concert Newspaper \'Folha de Sao Paulo - Feb, 6/2009 Upload: Wagner Araujo e Marcio Augusto - KISS ARMY BRASIL
Creatures of the Night tat
Subject: Creatures of the Night tat
From: chazrockcity on 02/12/2009
I just wanted to show off my Creatures of the Night tattoo. It was my most painful tat, but it was worth it!
my first time
Subject: my first time
From: badassals on 02/12/2009
Hi there, I know that this letter must be read by your staff cause you have so much to do but I decided to send one anyway. I just bought tickets to your show in Montreal, Canada on july 13th 2009, I`m bringing along my son who`s 12 and my older brother. This will be my first experience at a KISS concert ever and I`m looking forward to it very much. I own a lot of your albums and concert dvds but seeing you guys live will be a high light in my life. I missed my chance when you came in Ottawa, Ontario in 2000 but man...I was on line and ready this time around and bought the best tickets in front of the stage. Anyway enough babling looking forward to seeing you live, even though there are bigger and crazier fans than me I consider myself a fan in my own way, can`t wait for your new album to come out and continue your work on bringing happiness to the world through your music. a fan and member, Yves Peladeau Ontario, Canada
Subject: I LOVE YOU GUYS OF KISS!!!!!!<3
From: MYL ROCKSSS!!!! on 02/11/2009
Well I love the band since i\'m 6 years old and i just want to tell you that your songs really means something to me! you touch my heart and my soul. Gene simmons, you are my favorites and i love others but specialy you Gene and I want to show you something. And I want to tell you last year i won the 2nd place in a costume contest. We were me and my friend dressed up like you and my costume was really cool cause I\'m a fashion designer so i\'ve made my own costume with the batwings and platform boots and everything(not on the picture) but i just want to tell you that i LOVE you guys and i will be at centre bell in july 13th of 2009 in montreal I\'m Trying to win tickets on a radio contest but i can\'t get the line!!! but i don\'t want to miss the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!I WANT THE BEST AND I WILL GOT THE BEST!! KISS ROOOCCKKKKSS!!!!<3 -big fan Mylene!!!
Paul Stanley daughter!
Subject: Paul Stanley daughter!
From: aos on 02/11/2009
Dear Paul, Congratulations with the birth of your daughter. I think you had a very special day and I wish you, Erin, Colin, Evan and Sarah all the best. Keep on rocking! Regards from the Netherlands. Thijs.
Lordi &
Subject: Lordi & KISS
From: camkiss822 on 02/11/2009
Hey KISS just wanted to say that I recently saw one of the tributes that one of the new Hard Rock bands made for KISS . I have heard that one of LORDIS gratest inspirations is KISS thats Why they did this tribute which for me is really cool because i love KISS and LORDI.
Like father like son.
Subject: Like father like son.
From: daffydc on 02/10/2009
Hey guys, I\'ve been a fan for 32 years. I guess it\'s true when you say KISS is eternal because I have 3 year old twins and they\'ve become huge fans. I became a fan when I was 5 and it\'s pretty awesome hearing my kids sing KISS songs. Their favorites are Rock In Roll All Night, Shout It Out Loud and Do You Love Me. My daughter likes to wear my Gene slippers and walks around sticking her tongue out while my son loves to pretend to play guitar and sing like Paul. He prefers to use my Guitar Hero guitar with the custom Love Gun faceplate. (have you guys considered doing a full version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band???? It would be cool considering all the guitars, stages and costumes you\'ve gone through..just a thought). Back to the twins. Over the past few days, all they\'ve wanted to do is watch KISS DVD’s and rock out as if they are part of the show. Here\'s a pic of my son in action. Keep rockin and Eric, I grew up in Euclid so it\'s also pretty cool seeing someone from my neck of the woods in KISS.
Me Candy
Subject: KISS Me Candy
From: sloopjohnd on 02/10/2009
Just throwing a piece of KISS Candy your way to wish you a Happy Valentines Day! KISS RULES!
Santiago, CHILE
Subject: Santiago, CHILE
From: jorgegonzalez on 02/10/2009
Dear KISS. What about Chile? The South American tour will pass through Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela ... What about Chile? We are Waiting for you.
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