and my son in brazil
Subject: kiss and my son in brazil
From: atilasantos on 02/25/2009
Hello, friends from Kiss! My name is Jo„o, I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Iím just seven years old. So, my father is helping me to write this small letter for you. I love you all and I know almost the whole story of the Band. I play drums and I know how to play (and sing) many Kiss songs, especially ďRockíníroll all niteĒ. By the way, on my Bandís next show, on March 15th, Iíll play the last song with a make up just like my idols, such as Peter Criss, Eric Carr and Eric Singer. Iím a great fan of the Band and Iím looking forward to see you here in Rio, in April 8th. I would like to meet you at the backstage, if itís possible, of course. Iím so excited to attend your show in Rio that I plan to celebrate my birthday in April 8th, although itís only in September 16th. Only children from 12 years old can enter in Apoteose, but my parents are trying hard to let me in. Well, Iím also sending you a video that shows me playing drums, when I was just 6 years old. Give a look at that and enjoy it. And, please, try to make some contact with me, ok? Best regards! Weíll be together. Always. Bye. And thank you for being Kiss!
found this on ebay
Subject: found this on ebay
From: hmhamster on 02/25/2009
found this interesting item while i was browsing the KISS merchandise on ebay. Just wondering if Gene\'s been busy again?
Two fan at Morcone\'s Carnival
Subject: Two Kiss fan at Morcone\'s Carnival
From: bonzo_94 on 02/25/2009
Hey!!! I\'m a Kiss fan from Italy, and I got a true friend who\'s a Kiss fan like me :) At this year\'s carnival in our little town, we\'re maked up like two Starchild: see the photo and PUBLISH it!!!
Carnivals as Paul
Subject: Carnivals as Paul
From: kissbilbao on 02/23/2009
Hi KISS, I\'m Unai from Bilbao. I was in you concert in Bilbao last summer. It was my first KISS concert and I enjoyed myself very much. That\'s why these carnivals I decided to dress up as Paul. I made his Destroyer outfit and I think it was quite good. I send you a picture of me as Paul. I hope you like it and that you come again (to Bilbao or to Spain). Thanks for you music, Unai
Appearance at Church Trivia Night?
Subject: KISS Appearance at Church Trivia Night?
From: andrewpike on 02/22/2009
So, some friends of mine called me last week wanting to borrow some of my KISS memorabilia for \"Trivia Night\" at Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Louisville, KY - one of the larger Catholic churches in the area. Each trivia group was responsible for creating a themed table and crew... and their choice was a KISS theme!! I was stoked about the idea. Although I was somewhat hesitant to lend out my prized possessions, I obliged knowing that if KISS could make an appearance in a Catholic church then I had done good deed for all of mankind. And I was thrilled that they looked to me as their official KISS fan depot. (I kept the good stuff under lock and key, of course.) As you can see, they pulled it off and won first place prize for their efforts and I couldn\'t be more proud. It turns out that Father Steve is also a huge KISS fan! Who\'d a thunk it?!? Kudos to my KISS fellows: Pam Jackson, Jimmy Allen, Tony Renz, Trish Allen, Tina Renz, Angela Archer, Chris Archer, Charlie Hurst, and Ann Hurst.
Ayden Santiago Begay with Gene Simmons
Subject: Ayden Santiago Begay with Gene Simmons
From: salvantis on 02/21/2009
Here is a picture of our son, Ayden Santiago Begay, with Gene Simmons in Las Vegas, NV. Gene stopped and held Ayden while reading his shirt, we were honored. He is famous for this among our friends and family. We hope to see KISS again this summer for the Alive 35 Tour!! From Salvantis & **Carlinda Begay, Navajo Nation, Ganado, AZ. **We had submitted the pic of the tattoo, which I had done in September 2008. Kudos to Julian Otero who did a fantastic job and was also the very first KISS tattoo he has ever done!
WE WANT !!!!!!
Subject: WE WANT KISS!!!!!!
From: camkiss822 on 02/21/2009
We want you guys to come to come to Colombia , we need you i know there is a chance , cause you already confirmed in Peru and venezuela, PLEASE!!!!!!tonight there will be a concert in tribute to KISS , the porpuse of this concert is to gather enough founds so that we can give a huge message saying we want KISS!!! dont forget about colombia cause we have been waiting for 35 years
my happy birthday 02-21-2009
Subject: my happy birthday 02-21-2009
From: jeanwd Jean Martinez on 02/21/2009
Hi KOL Last night was my \"happy birthday\"! and this year everybody in my country (VENEZUELA) juts can\'t wait to see KISS ALIVE!!!! Abril 17th. Hey don\'t miss my KISS CAKE!!!! Caracas Rock City!
Carnival 2009
Subject: Carnival 2009
From: johnny86 on 02/21/2009
Hi Guys, This is my brother with the face of Gene!! I\'m very happy for the new album!! Come back in Italy this year!!!! Bye
From: KISS ARMY BRASIL on 02/21/2009
The samba school called 'Salgueiro' from Rio de Janeiro will honor the band KISS! ... with the makeup of Gene Simmons in focus, as can be seen in the image below... The 'Salgueiro' will be the second school to parade on Monday 02/23. Salgueiro website: . upload: KISS ARMY BRASIL
Alive 35 in Montreal, Canada
Subject: KISS Alive 35 in Montreal, Canada
From: gerrypichirallo27 on 02/20/2009
I just want to say a hugh \"Thank You\" KISS for coming back to Montreal after a nine year absence. Tickets for the concert sold very quickly and is pretty much a sell out. Bravo! I\'ve been a die-hard fan for 33 years and this will be my tenth KISS concert in Montreal. This time I\'ll be bring with me my 7 year old daughter. Welcome back to Montreal! You make The KISS Army proud! Gerry Pichirallo
Living Legends!
Subject: Living Legends!
From: gmount on 02/20/2009
Hi Paul, Eric, Tommy, and Gene! I would just like to say thankyou so much for still touring and giving the younger generation a chance to see you guys live. Im really hoping that you guys come to Adelaide this year because we\'ve missed you for 5 years now! All your albums rock! Especially Asylum, Revenge, Hot In The Shade, Hotter Than Hell, Lick It Up, Destroyer, Love Gun and many more! Hopefully see you guys rockin\' soon! Gmount
Remember eric In Mexico
Subject: Remember eric In Mexico
From: mao_kiss on 02/19/2009
Hi I just wanna to remmember the first time Eric came To Mexico City at kiss lounge on Decenmber 11th , the guy in the picture is My best Friend, he died four years ago but I wanted remmember him too because he was a great fan of kiss and we passed a great day when Eric had time for the mexican fans (we are happy when he comes) Thank you Eric and Kiss!!!
U.S. Tour
Subject: U.S. Tour
From: drillsgt on 02/18/2009
OK you\'ve toured Europe, Australia and now you\'re doing concerts in Canada and other countries. When are you going to tour the U.S. again? The last tour was \"Rock the Nation.\" I think it\'s time to Rock the nation again. So when will we see a full KISS U.S. Tour?
From: Marcio Augusto on 02/18/2009
Next week is Carnaval in Brasil ! MTV Brasil created this mask to celebrate Carnaval with lot Rock n' Roll Upload: Roberto Simmons - Marcio Augusto - Bruno KISS ARMY BRASIL - .
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