The Best News
Subject: The Best News
From: pauldaniel on 01/21/2009
Hi There I had a bests News last wekend so send you
Dodge car advertisement
Subject: Dodge car advertisement
From: renatosinger on 01/21/2009
Hi KISS & the KISS ARMY! Thought you'd get a kick out of this ad! I don't know if these are official or not, but we see these Dodge advertisements and publicity standees all over our cities in Italy. A tribute to Paul? . Thanks, Renato
Happy Birthday Paul !!
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul !!
From: chantelle500 on 01/20/2009
Happy Birthday to you Paul, to The One & Only, The Best Ever, the Incomparable, the Inimitable... Baby, no one comes close! And Congratulations for your new Reason to Live! All The Best! Love, Chantelle
happy brithday paul love patricia mFraser
Subject: happy brithday paul love patricia mFraser
From: kissfan1967_2008 on 01/20/2009
hi paul I just want to wish you a happy 57 brithday today love from your best fan in lindsay on patricia m Fraser who is having her brithday is the 24 of jan right after your love patty oxoxox
in Perú please!!!
Subject: KISS in Perú please!!!
From: tpinna on 01/20/2009
We, in Perú, look forward to having KISS soon in april KISSENCERELY: Tito Pinna
Dear, Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy
Subject: Dear, Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy
From: coraje on 01/20/2009
I´m a mother of two boys, one of 23 and the other one of 16. They love you, me too. I danced your music during a long time. Now we hope to see the band, not on tv as ten years ago. We want to see you in River. Buenos Aires, all, is waiting for \"The Best Rock\". Kisses for you. Adela, Buenos Aires, Argentna.
Subject: KISS IN BRAZIL !!!!!
From: bigbobbrasil on 01/20/2009
Hello KISS ARMY! Congratulations for returning shows and all the luck in the world in this new stage of the tour, but please ... Do not forget Brazil Thank you very much Roberto Big Bob
Subject: KISS IN BRAZIL !!!!!
From: bigbobbrasil on 01/20/2009
Hello KISS ARMY! Congratulations for returning shows and all the luck in the world in this new stage of the tour, but please ... Do not forget Brazil Thank you very much Roberto Big Bob .
From: saphira1 on 01/20/2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL! and many many more. keep on \"rockin\" hope to see you soon.
Happy Birthday Paul Stanley!*
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul Stanley!*
From: 21fiokiss on 01/20/2009
Oh Yeah!!!! Happy Birthday Nº 57 My dear Starchild!!!!!!! That express spends the years, and as well as these years pass, I continue being more fanatic of Kiss, especially yours!!! I Love You Paul Stanley!!!! :) And I wait that in January 20 you pass it super well next to all your pretty family and friends, and clear... The Kiss Family!!! Kiss Rocks... Paul Stanley Rocks!!!!! And many successes in all your great career and that God blesses your new daughter! Happy January 20!!!!
Happy B-Day Paul!!!
Subject: Happy B-Day Paul!!!
From: witchkiss on 01/20/2009
In I took my daughter to her first concert when she was 5 years old, The KISS/Aerosmith show in St. Louis. She\'s 10 now and still talks about her favorite moment in the show. It wasn\'t the explosions, the lights, or even hearing the great music. It was when I put her on my shoulders and she looked up at the riser hanging in the air and she screamed in her 5 year old voice \"That\'s Paul! That\'s really Paul Stanley!\" I recently had to get her Paul\'s album Live To Win for Christmas (she was about to wear mine out) From my daughter and Myself...Happy Birthday Paul Starchild Stanley!!!
paul`s birthday
Subject: paul`s birthday
From: kissfanpaulstanley on 01/20/2009
happy birtday paul i hope you get your best birthday ever!!! you and KISS are so great!!.
From: starchild2006 on 01/20/2009
Happy Birthday to the best frontman in the world!!!!! Paul Is Number One!!!!!!! =)
Knitted In Satan\'s Service
Subject: Knitted In Satan\'s Service
From: sexyflanders on 01/20/2009
Gene Simmons has received many honours over the past 35 years; Platinum albums, keys to city\'s, sidewalk stars etc, but I\'m sure he\'ll feel that he\'s finally hit the big time when he see\'s this...a knitted Gene! WOW! I\'ve been a KISS nut for 29 years and my girl friend Andrea loves to knit, so when she entered a competition to knit a rock icon who else could she choose? She made Gene and I made his costume. So, did she win?? Of course she did!! Loads and loads of...knitting stuff. So, from now on when anybody asks the multi millionaire, multi million album selling business mogul rock monster what his proudest moment was he can look them straight in the eye and say with pride...\"someone in England knitted me once\"!! Hope to see you guys back in the UK soon!! Cheers Dave
Happy Bairthday, Paul!
Subject: Happy Bairthday, Paul!
From: imps1995 on 01/20/2009
Hi, Paul, Let me celebrate you and your family (including your expecting baby, Sarah) on your 57th birthday with this cake especially made for you. Paul, you\'re the most awesome guy in the world! Sincerely yours,
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