Happy Birthday Paul!!
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul!!
From: spacejuanjoace on 01/20/2009
Hi, Paul, happy birthday, I wish the best for you and your beloved ones. You\'ve been lightning my life for the last 29 years. I\'ve always been proud of being a Kiss fan, even when it wasn\'t so cool. History has proved I was right. You are still there creating and working while the other \"cool\" bands are lost in limbo. You\'ve written some of the most important pages of popular culture and still on. Thank you very much for all these great, awesome and unforgettable moments. Cheers, my friend!! JuanJo from Gijon, Spain.
Happy Birthday Paul!
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul!
From: _kiss_the_best_ on 01/20/2009
Happy Birthday Paul and I hope you have an awesome day! I hope your birthday is full of happiness! Michela From Italy
Happy birthday Paul !!!
Subject: Happy birthday Paul !!!
From: Gottlich on 01/20/2009
Happy birthday Paul!!! We love you!!! Erik, Russia, Seversk
From: mrlove003 on 01/19/2009
hello Paul, I wish you beautiful and happy birthday… friendships, MARC...3, a French fan…
From: ginokiss23 on 01/19/2009
Dear KISS, Today,I saw "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," and i totally flipped: Blart was in the arcade and played a song on rock band. I told myself that it would be funny if they played KISS. Then, i saw the song was Detroit Rock City! He played the guitar and sang with as much passion as Paul does, but not as good.
Little Army Member
Subject: Little Kiss Army Member
From: buffishi on 01/19/2009
Here is a picture of my little niece, Isabella. Only five days old and already a member of the KISS ARMY. I can\'t wait to bring her up to speed on the Hottest Band in the Land !!!!
Hard to believe!
Subject: Hard to believe!
From: Linda Hall on 01/19/2009
I find it so hard to believe that the same band that I attended numerous concerts (by them) back in 1976 thru 1982 are still so popular! OMG that is over 30 years! Am I telling my age or the members of KISS\' age? Gene I miss your TV reality show! It was shown here in San Diego on A&E and all I was able to watch were Seasons 1 and 2. Well I guess I will have to wait and get Season 3 on DVD. Oh, and Gene you were and still are my favorite! Make that $$$$ money$$$$! Linda H.
Paul\'s birthday
Subject: Paul\'s birthday
From: family_guy on 01/19/2009
Happy Birthday, Paul! I wish you have the time of youк life on 20th january and in 2009!!! Best Wishes Kirill
Hi from Argentina!
Subject: Hi from Argentina!
From: martin_comoglio on 01/19/2009
Hi Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric. Just to say a word: HAPPINESS. After 10 years... The best for you and you beloved people, as always. Martin Comoglio - Argentina Die Hard Fan, Designer and Illustrator, in that order. ---------------------------- Translation of the article in the newspaper \"Clarín\" - Argentina - January 18, 2009: \"Confirmed: KISS WILL PLAY IN RIVER STADIUM - Will be on april 5, in the Quilmes Rock Festival. On February 2 will begin selling tickets\".
your coming to argentina
Subject: your coming to argentina
From: marili on 01/19/2009
please, I want to ask you, if here could create the kiss army in argentina, how to make this.- here we are millions people kiss\'s fan.- I don\'t believe that you are going to come here in april.- thanx for giving us so cheerfulness.-
Subject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ...to Paul
From: mrl2000 on 01/19/2009
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your crazy fan from Italy!!!! I\'love you!!! Bye
From: Esteban Falcato on 01/18/2009
Hi Gene, Paul, Eric & Tommy: All of the Argentine KISS Fans are SO excited because of the show in Buenos Aires you confirmed today!!!! We\'ll be waiting for you at RIVER PLATE STADIUM on April 5th!!! The Hottest Band in the World deserves The Hottest Fans in the World, and none of us will disappoint you guys: we\'ll ALL be there, shouting it out loud, every single song... We waited too long to see KISS again... WELCOME BACK!!! Esteban F. Bassist of KISSOFRENIA (KISS Tribute Band)
New Album & Tour
Subject: New Album & Tour
From: witchkiss on 01/18/2009
Hello guys. I am so excited at the idea of a brand new album (Sword & Stone be on there please)I check here everyday for news on this album. I know the band has been having amazing success on ticket sales around the world for the Alive 35 tour, but I hope you don\'t forget about the home front. Please tell me that the band is planning on touring the USA with the release of the new album...in other words don\'t forget St. Louis. Love you guys forever..Alten Treece
We need ...we believe in !
Subject: We need Kiss...we believe in Kiss!
From: 21fiokiss on 01/18/2009
Hi Guys!!! Recently, we have found out their great coming to Argentina, located in South America, and if they could arrive in Argentina, a great and wonderful country, millions of Peruvians are built up hopes and hopeful that they will also end up carrying out a concert in Peru, where we will be waiting for them with the open arms. Please, they don\'t remove us this great illusion, because we have faith that they will make a concert in Lima, Peru in this year 2009 like part of their World Tour Alive 35\' and we believe in you! Kiss Rocks! * We Love you!!* We will be waiting for you!
HAppy Birth Day and we`ll see you soon !!!!
Subject: HAppy Birth Day and we`ll see you soon !!!!
From: andybuonfrate of KISSOFRENIA from Argentina on 01/18/2009
From Argentina , we want to wish you a happy Birth Day Paul , we `ll see you at RIVER PLATE stadium on April 5 th !!!!!!! all Argentinan fans are really excited about it !!!!! it`s gonna be awesome to see you again !!!!
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