From: edojira on 01/05/2009
Mr. Leroux, I forgot to send my submission via this letter service. Here it is again and thank you for chatting with me at Paul\'s opening in La Jolla. Hope to catch the band on the next tour if I am not deployed. All the best! -------------------------------------------------------- What can you say about a band that has influenced everyone? Before joining the United States Navy I had some financial problems. I had amassed a great collection of KISS items, almost every item they released from ’77 – ’80. I sold those items to pay the rent and I thank the band for saving me from being homeless multiple times. Years and 16 concerts later I met up with Paul Stanley and Eric Singer at a recent art opening and it felt great to tell them thanks for their inspiration. As a KISS Army member since ’77 it was awesome to meet them again in a more personal setting. They really care about each fan honoring their legacy. While stationed in Baghdad a true friend mailed me the ALIVE Box Set collection and it was surreal listening to all 4 explosive concerts while hearing helicopters, explosions and gunfire outside where I was stationed with soldiers, sailors, and airmen not far from Saddam’s bombed out palaces. KISS appreciate the sacrifices that all men and women in uniform make and it is bands like them who believe in us that make me more proud to be a member in good standing with the KISS Army. Happy New Year to the Hottest Band in the World! Respectfully, E. L. Holland
Dance to Music from The Elder
Subject: Dance to Music from The Elder
From: Antonia Jade on 01/05/2009
From parasols to poles,From kimonos to fishnets..This Japanese stylized dance (Kabuki) is literally stripped to the glam rock of KISS. Directed by JC Svec :
From: Vladimir Ilyin on 01/05/2009
Hi KISS & the KISS ARMY!! If you\'ll be in Moscow, go to Hard Rock Cafe, they have this exposition for Paul Stanley The Elder costume! Best, Vladimir Ilyin
Lorenzo and Chiara
Subject: Lorenzo and Chiara
From: lorry10 on 01/05/2009
Verona, Italy, May/13/2008, I and my girlfriend Chiara! Thanks guys! Chiara and Lorenzo
First Album
Subject: First Album
From: hillaryr on 01/03/2009
KISS, I was just listening to your first album. What an amazing album!! I love blasting that album. My neighbors complain that I\'m making their walls shake. I listening to all my KISS albums that way. Is there any other way to listen to KISS? Even though I miss Ace, I am and will always be a KISS fanatic!!!! I\'m just so sorry that I missed KISS Alive35 tour. I am currently listening to Alive III. It is an entire KISS weekend...listening to all my KISS albums and then listening and watching KISSOLOGY I, II, and III and Rock The Nation LIVE. Non-stop KISS weekend. I love you and all your music!!!! Hillary
CUSTOM snare
Subject: CUSTOM snare
From: lovegunner74447 on 01/02/2009
more pics of my snare
CUSTOM snare
Subject: CUSTOM snare
From: lovegunner74447 on 01/02/2009
more pics of my snare
CUSTOM snare
Subject: CUSTOM snare
From: lovegunner74447 on 01/02/2009
more pics of my snare
CUSTOM snare
Subject: CUSTOM snare
From: lovegunner74447 on 01/02/2009
more pics of my snare
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
Subject: Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
From: autumn_black on 01/01/2009
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
Beth , Rock Version!
Subject: Beth , Rock Version!
From: forsstrom94 on 01/01/2009
Hey KISS! Here's a cool version of Beth! Maby it's something to play on your upcoming tour! ;) .
One and half month and already a fan
Subject: One and half month and already a Kiss fan
From: nipa on 12/31/2008
Happy New Year 2008 to everyone who likes Kiss music! My oldest daughter got a son recently so here is picture taken by a proud grandfather. I have always liked Kiss music, same as my daughter and probably her son will be a Kiss fan too! Nipa from Finland
Happy New Year !!!
Subject: Happy New Year !!!
From: 21fiokiss on 12/31/2008
Kiss, New Happy Year! I wait that this whole year 2009 are a year full with successes and full rock! Kiss Rocks!!!!!!!! And we even have the great hope that some day you carry out a concert to the big thing in Peru, because my great desire, of which I have faith that some day will be completed is the one of knowing you live! and as well as me... millions of Peruvians also have faith in that. We love you! and...Rock all the world! Kiss Rocks!
The Colombian ARMY wants you guys
Subject: The Colombian KISS ARMY wants you guys
From: camkiss822 on 12/31/2008
Hey KISS , I one of the 40,000 members of the Colombian KISS ARMY. Just wanted to say HELLO!! and a Happy New Year. My wish for this year is to see one of your shows (its my same wish every year). Please come to BOGOTA we are waiting!!!!!. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Merry MAS 2008 From \"CJ\"
Subject: Merry KISSMAS 2008 From \"CJ\"
From: u839402 on 12/31/2008
As you can see it was a very Merry KISSMAS this year!!!
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