Merry \"MAS\" 2008 From \"CJ\" Mazzuca
Subject: Merry \"KISSMAS\" 2008 From \"CJ\" Mazzuca
From: u839402 on 12/31/2008
As you can see it was a very Merry Kissmas in the Mazzuca household this year!!!
New Years eve 1982 concert
Subject: New Years eve 1982 concert
From: rocksalad on 12/31/2008
Hey Guys, I just wanted to share this with you. My step brother and I went to see your concert on New Years eve in 1982 in Rockford IL. Our parents said we couldn\'t go because of it being new years eve. After they left to go to out for the night, we got in our car and went anyway. This was the Creatures of the night tour and it it was awesome. Funny thing, we wore our concert T-shirts at breakfast the next morning and our parents didn\'t even notice. Your dedicated fan since 1975. Ken P (Hebron, IL)
First book in Bulgaria
Subject: First KISS book in Bulgaria
From: biom on 12/31/2008
Hello, Finally we have in Bulgaria a KISS book.
Subject: kiss games
From: ginokiss23 on 12/30/2008
Dear KISS, I was browsing through a videogame cheat code book when I saw a heading that said \"KISS Pinball.\" I checked and I saw that is was for the Playstation. My jaw dropped and I totally lost it! I lost some hope because I didn\'t know where to find it. But Santa must have been in the KISS Army, because I found a completely unused and sealed copy under the tree on Kissmas. It was made even more fun by the fact that I was convinced that it wasn\'t made anymore. Sincerely, Gino, Cleveland OH
New Tour 2009!
Subject: New Tour 2009!
From: 21fiokiss on 12/29/2008
Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love You!!!!!!.. really, we continue with the great hope from your coming to Peru, in South America, we are willing to fill the whole concert and we believe and we have faith in that some day will know you. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To my Heroes
Subject: To my Heroes
From: wolfman69 on 12/28/2008
Hello Gene,Paul,Eric and Tommy!I can\'t believe it!Now i\'m a proud member of the Kiss Army again!My first time join the Army was in 1980!I\'m a Kiss Fanatic since i can think!1977(i was 8 years old),i listen the single Shout it out loud/Nothin\'to lose(Live)and BANG!You kicked my little ass so much! No one got this Energy like you!!!Thanks for 31 great Rock and Roll Fun years!Kiss forever! 100.000greetings from cologne rock city! Wolfman
To Gene (Please Don\'t Post if possible)
Subject: To Gene (Please Don\'t Post if possible)
From: ladydita on 12/27/2008
Hey Gene I just wanted to say what a wonderful guy you really seem to be. I LOVE watching you speak on tv. You are so intelligent and well spoken. Always a treat. Well I have to tell you a little story. I\'m 30 years old. A few years back (I believe when I was 22) I began getting really ill. I was having major bleeding from my lungs. I was basically drowning in my own blood. Thankfully (as horrible as it was), I coughed up the blood. Well as you can imagine, I was young, scared and no doctor seemed to know what was wrong with me. My mom (an amazing single mom) died when I was 15 years old. She died of a major blood clot. So right away they figured this is what was wrong with me. I was placed on blood thinners, the problem got worse and more blood. eep well time went on and over a corse of a year I struggled with this on and off. I spent MUCH time in the hospital, in and out of ICU. I had a few procedures done and now I\'m all \"fixed up\" and healthy and happy. Why I\'m telling you this story is because of how you helped me though all this. In my wicked humor, I used to tell the doctors that I wasn\'t sick, that I was simply practicing to take over for Gene Simmons in KISS when the time comes that he may choose to retire. Spitting blood on stage, I\'d be a pro :-P Point is I am tahnkful for your music and your talent. And hey, without your cool ROCK show, I\'d never have had a punchline to go off of LOL. I live in Prince Edward Island Canada... major rumours happening that KISS may tour this area of Canada. I SO hope so, I\'ve NEVER seen you live and I\'d HAVE to check out the blood spitting for myself. Maybe I\'ll get to see you and maybe one day meet you. I\'d really love to thank you in person. have a wonderful one and thank you again \"Lady Dita\"
Dynasty Font on a Timex IronMan Watch
Subject: KISS Dynasty Font on a Timex IronMan Watch
From: cobolhall on 12/27/2008
Hi, here\'s a pic of my Timex Ironman digital watch that I tweaked to display the time using the Dynasty type face font...
ology on VH1
Subject: Kissology on VH1
From: johnluekemeyer on 12/26/2008
As you can see, we were watching the 16 hours of Kiss on VH1 classic on Christmas day. My grandaughter love Kiss music and she always starts to dance when I put in a Kiss DVD. Merry Kissmas and a Happy New Year!
Subject: Kiss Picks
From: johnluekemeyer on 12/26/2008
Here are a few of my Kiss and other guitar picks that I have been collecting. The one that is the most memorable was the Ace pick I caught as his 2008 concert. I ended up with 3 total. I also have a few from Cheap Trick and one from Dimebag. Keep rockin KISS!!
Subject: 1975
From: JASF58 on 12/26/2008
Hi KISS & the KISS ARMY!! Check out my ticket stubs from KISS\' 1975 show at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh and the War Memorial in Johnstown, PA! There\'s also a photo of Gene \"live\" and me and my friends dressed for the Johnstown show. The postcard is from Gene!! We sent him photos of us as KISS and he mailed us the postcard!! Thanks, JASF
Merry christmas from simon and his grandpa
Subject: Merry christmas from simon and his grandpa
From: andy160967 on 12/25/2008
Hy to all KISS fans all over the world! Thatīs Simon (8 months) my grandchild with his 1st KISS shirt and me,Andy (41) with my first KISS shirt from the 1983/84 LICK IT UP TOUR. We wish all KISS fans,Gene,Paul,Ace,Peter,Eric,Thommy, Bruce,Vinnie,the Carr family and the StJohn Family a merry christmas and a happy new year. Hope 2009 is going to be a KISS YEAR again. Greets from germany. Andy and Simon :-)
Merry mas!!!!!!!
Subject: Merry Kissmas!!!!!!!
From: 21fiokiss on 12/24/2008
Merry KisSmas!!!! Paul, Gene, Tommy & Eric! I wish you to pass a Merry Christmas next to their family and friends...I love you!
Merry mas everyone!
Subject: Merry KISSmas everyone!
From: jksnowstar on 12/24/2008
I wish you all a merry KISSmas! Rock on =] PS: Big thanks to coming to Vienna (12/05/08) and making it an unforgetable night! peace x
Merry Christmas
Subject: Merry Christmas
From: camkiss822 on 12/23/2008
The Colombian kiss army wishes for all of you a great year......we hope that on 2009 we finally get to see one of KISS famous shows in bogota.
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