merry mas!!!! we are waitin for you!!!!
Subject: merry kissmas!!!! we are waitin for you!!!!
From: nicodestroyer on 12/23/2008
Argentina wish you a happy chrismas , Kiss. We are waitin for you from 1998 . Come back please! We miss you!!
happy birthday Peter
Subject: happy birthday Peter
From: arnekissfan on 12/23/2008
The year of
Subject: The year of Kiss
From: stephantenbrink on 12/22/2008
Hi Kiss, Want to thank you for an awesome Kiss year. Met you guys twice during the Alive 35 tour through Europe. On june 11th i met you with my brother in Oberhausen for the Meet and Greet, and the concert of course. 4 Days later, i was your guest at the meet and greet at the Arrow Rock Festival in Nijmegen. That open air concert on that beautiful night was awesome. Still, got good memories from the June events, and great pictures. The meet and greet photo from Nijmegen now has a special place in my home. It\'s a wall filling picture in a beautiful frame. Thanx, Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy for giving me the event for life ! Happy Christmas and a good rocking 2009. See you all later. Stephan ten Brink
New Tour...please!!!
Subject: New Tour...please!!!
From: 21fiokiss on 12/20/2008
Hi Paul, Gene, Tommy & Eric! We are anxious for that carry out a new tour for Latin América, but this time again, including the countries to which have come never, such it is the case of our country, Peru, which always waited for them with the very open arms for if some time they plan to come... us the Peruvians wait for you! I hope they pass a Merry Christmas in family and that they continue being very successful during their great life, and like it says this sentence... The Show Must Go On!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!! Merry Christmas & New Happy Year!
MAS Wallpaper
Subject: KISSMAS Wallpaper
From: crazy_brittney89 on 12/19/2008
Hey Kiss, First of all, I want to wish each of you a \"Merry Christmas\". I truly enjoy your music. My favorite song is Heaven\'s on Fire. Anyway, I have designed a wallpaper that I think you guys might enjoy. If you have any issues with the images that I used. Please let me know.
Subject: MORE 80\'S DVDS
From: gmount on 12/19/2008
Hi KISS, The fans need more Lick It Up and Asylum tour dvds. There are none. I know you guys have copies so can you please release! Also can you please help make a Guitar Hero:KISS or give the game Rock Band some more DLC and/or Rock Band: KISS Thanks, and you ROCK!
From: andybuonfrate on 12/17/2008
Dear Heroes, The Argentinian KISS TRUBUTE band KISSOFRENIA is going to record some songs next week, we are really exited about it and we wanted to share it with all the fans around the world. The track list is : DETROIT ROCK CITY FIREHOUSE STRUTTER COLD GIN GOT TO CHOOSE GOD OF THUNDER C`MON AND LOVE ME DO YOU LOVE ME? DEUCE LOVE GUN I hope you like our choices , and Gene, don`t worry , we are gonna pay for them !!!!
Concert in Bogota
Subject: Concert in Bogota
From: felipebc on 12/17/2008
Dear KISS, Finally I can ask this, I\'m a big fan of you and I was wondering if can come to my country. My big dream is see you in person, thanx.
I was made for loving you
Subject: I was made for loving you
From: GREEK KISS ARMY on 12/17/2008
The Greek radio station KISS FM 92.9 in Athens voted best song for the 2008 believe it or not, I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU. The voting took place for three months and there were more than 50,000 votes in. Now, this holidays everybody sing to... I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU BABY!!! Find out more about it at KISS fm website: . ROCK AND ROLL ppl
Merry Christmas Happy New Year
Subject: Merry Christmas Happy New Year
From: pauldaniel on 12/17/2008
From Argentina with all our love. We wish you a great merry chrismas and very,very happy New Year to you and all your families! God bless you.
Dressed to win!
Subject: Dressed to win!
From: peter2174 on 12/16/2008
Dear Kiss, A friend of mine recently went on her Netball teams Kissmas party. Here\'s them all rocking and rolling all nite!!
in the swedish IDOL-final infront of 14000
Subject: KISS in the swedish IDOL-final infront of 14000
From: afons on 12/13/2008
Infront of 14000 people in the globe arena of Stockholm, Alice took on Kevin in the swedish finals of IDOL 2008. Among the 3 songs she played, Heaven\'s on fire was the voted \"peoples choise\" song. Kiss last played the globe arena 1999 on the Psycho Circus 3D-tour, two sold out nights in a row on 2nd/3rd March.
Gene\'s Guitar
Subject: Gene\'s Guitar
From: Jodell Geronsin for Blake Geronsin on 12/10/2008
Dear Mr. Simmons, I purchased the AXE Guitar for my son who is 6 years old and I of course opened it already looks so MUCH better in real-life than on the web. He is quite a FAN of you and all the KISS members. I cannot wait til he opens it for Christmas. Thank you for creating such a GREAT guitar and making my son have a more ENJOYABLE Christmas! Happy Holidays to you all. Jodell Geronsin Mpls, Minnesota
New Tattoo
Subject: New Tattoo
From: ness183 on 12/08/2008
Just thought I would share with you a photo of my new kiss army logo tattoo! Vanessa Kingscott Brisbane, Australia
Ed Pat Don Miata Club
Subject: Ed Pat Don Miata Club
From: kadabamymusic on 12/08/2008
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