Happy Birthday Paul Stanley..The Starchild*
Subject: Happy Birthday Paul Stanley..The Starchild*
From: 21fiokiss on 01/17/2009
Oh Yeah!!!! Happy Birthday Nº 57 My dear Starchild!!!!!!! That express spends the years, and as well as these years pass, I continue being more fanatic of Kiss, especially yours!!! I Love You Paul Stanley!!!! :) And I wait that in January 20 you pass it super well next to all your pretty family and friends, and clear... The Kiss Family!!! Kiss Rocks... Paul Stanley Rocks!!!!! And many successes in all your great career and that God blesses your new daughter! I love KISS!*
Julie as Eric Singer
Subject: Julie as Eric Singer
From: tosi on 01/14/2009
From Julie
Ottawa Bluesfest
Subject: Ottawa Bluesfest
From: hurricanerock on 01/14/2009
Dear KISS I am such a huge fan, but I have sadly never seen you in concert. I am emailing to ask if you might consider playing Ottawa Bluesfest (not as lame as it sounds- it has very little to do with blues and has had lots of really big acts over the years) in this summer\'s tour. I would personally man the face-painting booth. I know probably Ottawa is a small stop for you, but please give our city the chance to ROCK with KISS. Thanks for your consideration, Emma Eaton PS I have attached a picture of a Gene Simmons doppleganger from Dressed to Kill, who I saw last year in Dundee, Scotland (and were very good!) , myself, and a friend.
High School Senior Quotes
Subject: High School Senior Quotes
From: mikeycans on 01/14/2009
Hey guys, When it was time for the Fordham Prep (Bronx, NY) graduating class of 1986 to commit their senior quotes to the annals of their high school history, I decided that Paul Stanley was the man and KISS was the band to draw my inspiration from. Being a die-hard fan since I was 6 years old, it just seemed obvious. As you can see, the quote I chose was from the “Asylum” track “King of the Mountain”, and it fit perfectly with my idea of what I wanted to accomplish in life and how I wanted to go about doing it. Twenty-three years later I have 2 new KISS fans to educate, my daughters Lauren, 6, and Lindsay, 2. Here’s hoping that they draw inspiration from their heroes, whoever they may be, like I did while growing up. Best regards, Michael Canavan Purdys, NY
Subject: Gene,
From: rock2you on 01/14/2009
You are the one and only who is really looking fantastic in your band, Paul is beautiful, Tommy and Eric too BUT you are FANTASTIC!
Paul Stanley painting from June, 2008
Subject: Paul Stanley painting from June, 2008
From: rock2you on 01/14/2009
Hi Paul and the others!
Firehouse - My tribute to
Subject: Firehouse - My tribute to Kiss
From: johnluekemeyer on 01/12/2009
I have been playing guitar for 30 years. When I got my first Kiss album "Alive", I knew that I wanted to learn how to play. I always loved how melodic their music was and it was Rock n Roll at its finest. Here is the link to me playing Ace's part on Firehouse. Hope you think it sounds good. I can't wait to see you guys when you tour again in California!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUvygWQ2838 .
My Painting
Subject: My KISS Painting
From: Amy on 01/10/2009
Hi Guys, I am 24 years old and have been a die hard KISS fan for about four years. You guys are my entire world and I saw you live for the first time in Sydney in March 2008. It was the greatest night of my life and I can\'t wait to see you down under again! My family know how much I love KISS. My Dad is an artist and I wanted to show you the amazing painting he did for me as a housewarming present! I know exactly where I\'m going to put it - right inside the front door so it\'s the first thing people will see when they walk in!!! Amy, Australia.
Subject: Hello, Too the GREATEST ROCK & ROLL BAND EVER
From: charisma66 on 01/10/2009
Just want to say that You GUY'S ROCK! I got my first & only experience to see u GUY'S Concert 5 yrs.ago @ Darien Lake & U GUY'S Blew Me Away With EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!! I found out that day ' I have missed out alot of yrs. of pure excitement. And I have been a huge fan since 1978,I just didn't have a way,nor money,nor did I have friends with a car so I would be able to,when I did have had the money to go.But I idolize Paul Stanley,I always wish & often dream that i would be like him or even get a chance meet him in person someday.But all 4 of u are my HEROES of all time!!! So I am now waiting 4 that to come,as well to meet all 4 of u,& to see all of u again in concert,& also walk into a store & see a new studio album out in stores.I own every album & every solo record that Gene,Paul,Ace,& Petter [except his latest cd],But Eric & Tommy,puts alot of energy back into band & they both do a great job doing so. And keep they're dedictation to the band inside & out.But 4 all of u keep up good work & I hope to see somethin new & hear from all of u soon!! Luv U Guy's. Luv your HUGE KISS FAN Dann Painter
Attack of the Phantoms for a new generation
Subject: Attack of the Phantoms for a new generation
From: awrightus on 01/09/2009
Kiss, I\'m glad to report that I received all three Kissology DVDs for Christmas. I\'ve been watching them on and off over the last couple of weeks. My two seven year olds started watching Attack of the Phantoms one day while I was watching it and they\'ve sinced asked if they can watch it again several times! My son even told me that it\'s his favorite movie. ;-) What a milestone in the life of a Kiss fan when your son says to you, \"Daddy, can you put Radioactive on my mp3 player?\" I must say that there are a bunch of forgotten great tunes in that movie. Either way, Kiss is alive an well for the next generation! Steve Koch Summerville, SC
cheboygan fans
Subject: cheboygan fans
From: akasha49721 on 01/07/2009
hi guys, hope the new year is going well for all. just wanted to share a poster i found today. cheboygan, mi is having a polar plunge on feb. 14th for the special olympics. our town is full of kiss fans, (my class song was even rock and roll all night). i think this poster proves that kiss fans have big hearts. much peace and love tammie
Hey there guys!
Subject: Hey there guys!
From: aletawhitten on 01/06/2009
Dear KISS members, I have been a huge fan for years and have seen you in concert 6 times. I just wanted to share a story with you guys. In July 2007 I had a heart transplant. I was in the hospital for 2 months and the entire time I was there my nurses let me listen to your music, even in intensive care. One of my nurses even brought her cd player from home so I could listen. Your music really helped cheer me up during the long hospital hours. My friend even put KISS pictures on my wall. I am now fully recovered and starting a new healthy life. I would love to meet you all one day. I just wanted to say thank you for your music and helping me get through a difficult time. Please come back to North Carolina soon. Your friend, Aleta Whitten
From: edojira on 01/05/2009
Mr. Leroux, I forgot to send my submission via this letter service. Here it is again and thank you for chatting with me at Paul\'s opening in La Jolla. Hope to catch the band on the next tour if I am not deployed. All the best! -------------------------------------------------------- What can you say about a band that has influenced everyone? Before joining the United States Navy I had some financial problems. I had amassed a great collection of KISS items, almost every item they released from ’77 – ’80. I sold those items to pay the rent and I thank the band for saving me from being homeless multiple times. Years and 16 concerts later I met up with Paul Stanley and Eric Singer at a recent art opening and it felt great to tell them thanks for their inspiration. As a KISS Army member since ’77 it was awesome to meet them again in a more personal setting. They really care about each fan honoring their legacy. While stationed in Baghdad a true friend mailed me the ALIVE Box Set collection and it was surreal listening to all 4 explosive concerts while hearing helicopters, explosions and gunfire outside where I was stationed with soldiers, sailors, and airmen not far from Saddam’s bombed out palaces. KISS appreciate the sacrifices that all men and women in uniform make and it is bands like them who believe in us that make me more proud to be a member in good standing with the KISS Army. Happy New Year to the Hottest Band in the World! Respectfully, E. L. Holland
Dance to Music from The Elder
Subject: Dance to Music from The Elder
From: Antonia Jade on 01/05/2009
From parasols to poles,From kimonos to fishnets..This Japanese stylized dance (Kabuki) is literally stripped to the glam rock of KISS. Directed by JC Svec :
From: Vladimir Ilyin on 01/05/2009
Hi KISS & the KISS ARMY!! If you\'ll be in Moscow, go to Hard Rock Cafe, they have this exposition for Paul Stanley The Elder costume! Best, Vladimir Ilyin
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