ing Time Again
Subject: Kissing Time Again
From: Ricardo Antunes on 10/10/2012
My wife Clarissa and me ready to rock in the 2009 São Paulo´s Kiss concert. And we just can`t wait to see them again in Brazil in November..
Once again - Rock n Roll
Subject: Once again - Rock n Roll
From: John on 10/10/2012
I love the new album. You once again define rock-n-roll to a generation. Thank you for reminding us! Peace to you!
on Letterman!
Subject: KISS on Letterman!
From: Lisa on 10/10/2012
I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to the KISS Army Fan Club for the opportunity to win tickets to see KISS perform for Live on Letterman. I couldn't believe it when I received an e-mail saying I was in! Seeing KISS perform at the Ed Sullivan Theater has definitely been one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my entire life. I also got to experience it with my mom, who has been a fan of KISS since she was a child. She was blown away by the performance as well. Our ears are still ringing! We love KISS so much and always will!
Monster Album !!
Subject: Monster Album !!
From: Maryhot on 10/10/2012
Hi KISS, I have your new album since Wednesday evening and really beautiful work! Good Work! If I could give you a percentage of how I love your album on 10, I'll gladly 10... lol So your album isI will translate it in my language (in French) to better understand your album ... good ... lol
From: Leonel from Argentina on 10/10/2012
hits the radio
Subject: KISS hits the radio
From: Angel on 10/10/2012
Hey, hey, hey guys! Actually it's been some months ago I wanted to tell you about this - so here it is! :D Just check out this cool poster of a local radio station in Baden, Germany called "Radio Regenbogen"! You find them at many bus stations in my town. The inscription has the meaning of: "Being woken up "symbadisch"-ly makes good mood" (Info: "badisch" is the adjective for "Baden"(=region in southwest Germany), "symbadisch" is a wordplay of "sympathisch"(=friendly) and "symphony"...) Great, isn't it?
Monster art
Subject: KISS Monster art
From: Chris M on 10/10/2012
I have been working on the skull for some time and decided to celebrate the release of "Monster".You can find higher resolution,printable versions of this and other KISS stuff @ I hope to get my copy of "Monster" soon
Welcome to Buenos Aires
Subject: Welcome to Buenos Aires
From: Danny on 10/10/2012
Hello Kiss!!! I´m Danny from Argentina... I´m excited, waiting for November 7th... I alreary have my ticket to see you in River Plate Stadium... I saw you the last time but i want to relive this incredible experience... The new and the classic songs!! See you there Thank for coming and welcome!!!! Always you´re welcome
Is Everywhere
Subject: KISS Is Everywhere
From: Martin Zamorano - KISSFEVER Argentina on 10/10/2012
KISS in a new comercial. Is for Quilmes beer. SO funny. KISSFEVER ARGENTINA 28 YEARS WITH KISS
Thank you
Subject: Thank you
From: DDiaz on 10/10/2012
Hello: I come to you as a KISS fan since '78. I was 7 years old, and like many kids back then, were enamored by the pics and images that made you who you guys are. I don't have a sad story to tell. I wasn't bullied, or had family problems that your music pulled me through. No, I'm just a fan that loved your music. Now, I was shy and really didn't fit in for the most part. The one thing I had that was mine was being a fan of Kiss. Like most fans back then, we took a lot of ribbing and were few and far between. But I was a fan of Lick It Up,as just a fan of KISS or Rock N' Roll over. As I sit here and listen to your new effort, Monster, I smile. Some will hate it,well, because their haters. Others will love it for what it is; a great BAND effort. I loved Sonic Boom. But to me? Sonic Boom was to Monster, as Hot In The Shade was to Revenge. A solid effort that led you back on the right path. Thank you. Thank you for being the band I needed you to be in my life. I know that sounds cheese, and frankly? I know some will mock. For those that mock? They don't understand. In this digital world of quick information,and super fast computers, information,music,and pics are easy to come by. Back then? You had to work to be a fan. You bought mags,and you tore out posters. Not like that anymore. Again,great ALBUM. (sorry..Im old) Hope to see you around West Texas soon. A Kiss Fan
Meet in Chile
Subject: Meet Kiss in Chile
From: Claudia Filgueira on 10/10/2012
Hi, my name is Claudia Filgueira from the city of Puerto Montt, CHILE. My beloved daughter, called Trinidad, worships and adores KISS, more than anything else. She became dazzled by the band when she was about three, and love them very very much. Trinidad wil celebrate her eighth birthday on November 9 th, just a day before the big gig in Santiago Maquinaria Festival. Due to that fact, as a concerned mother that can not stand among the crew, in the middle of the field, with her daughter for security reasons won´t be able to attend the concert, even though I´d like to ask you if it would be possible to her to have a meet with the astounding knights, Santiago´s night, at least for a couple of seconds, if you don´t mind. Sincerely yours, appreciate you very much, Please, answer me!!! Claudia Filgueira Barrientos, Trinidad´s mother Contact E mail: Tel: 0056 9 90893857
Carolina digs Monster
Subject: Carolina digs Monster
From: Carlos Osorio on 10/10/2012
Here's a picture of my six year old daughter Carolina with her copy of Kiss Monster. She's digging the album and can't wait for her introductory Kiss Army kit to arrive in the mail!!!! Long live the Monster!
From: Hellsing on 10/10/2012
After purchasing KISS' new album, Monster, I have nothing but so many good things to say. This album is a MONSTER!!!!! Pure High Energy Rock 'N' Roll at it's best!!!!! This is an album that will kick you in the teeth every time it hits your speakers!!!!! This is my review for the album: Hell Or Hallelujah: The opening track is an absolute face melter. I had the pleasure of hearing this live during this past summer's THE TOUR with Motley Crue. An absolute blasting anthem!!!! Wall Of Sound: Gene's Vocals are in great form on this track. The song reminds me of classic KISS circa 1989. Definitely sounds like a song that could have been featured on Hot In The Shade. Freak: Paul's lyrics about alienation is a very fitting tribute to all us freaks who were ever put down for believing in what we believe or looking how we feel comfortable. "I love being Me" has never been said it such an honestly fun way!!!! Back To The Stone Age: Classic Fun!!!! Gene is having so much fun on this song, Preaching the Gospel the only way he knows how.... with total awesomeness!!!! Shout Mercy: An absolute awesome KISS song with great guitar work by Mr. Stanley and Mr. Thayer. Long Way Down: A Great Radio Jam that is certifiable modern rock at it's best!!!! A song that many artists today should listen to and take heed in the wisdom of the lyrics. Eat Your Heart Out: The intro is classic Humble Pie. I always love hearing bands having fun in the studio and the intro to this stellar track is fun!!!! Gene's Bass work is really featured on this track and it screams awesome!!!! The lyrics are classic Gene!!!! The Devil Is Me: Only The Demon could speaks words of this caliber with deadly precision. Outta This World: Tommy Thayer's vocals and guitar work are outta this world on this track. Classic Rock 'N' Roll and great lyrics. Makes you almost say, "Ace Who?" All For The Love Of Rock 'N' Roll: The Guitar Screams Classic KISS from it's start. Eric Singer's lyrics set a tone for fun and makes for a great Rock 'N' Roll anthem!!!!! A fun sing-a-long track which I think will make for a great live song!!!!! Take Me Down Below: With a title such as this....I can think of only one thing that I want to do while listening to it...which is much to graphic to put here. Last Chance: Definitely a track that I will be listening to when preparing to hit the stage with my band. A song that definitely gets you pumped to go the distance and makes you wanna explode with perfectionism. KISS MONSTER is definitely an album for KISS fans!!!! No fan or human for that matter should be without this album. Just a fun all killer, no filler album of pure rock 'n' roll that truly shows that KISS can still slay and surprise!!!! Can't wait to see the new tour and hear these great songs live!!!! It was definitely worth the wait!!!!!
Subject: Monster
From: Anders Skönborg on 10/10/2012
Hi, i just wanna say that your new record is the best since Detroit Rock City' I wanna thank you for coming to SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL next summer!! Me and my 11-year old son just cant wait to see 'The Hardest Band In The World' ........ I've been a fan of you since 1976!! You Rock! // Anders
in La Nacion
Subject: KISS in La Nacion
From: Juan Carlos Campos Garcia on 10/09/2012
today KISS appears in a Costa rican Newspaper call La Nacion, the report is about the new KISS cd Monster , speack a little of the story of the Best Band on The World the report shows to the song list of the Cd and the cover of the cd. for my was very interesting and exiting to saw KISS in a national Newspaper,expecting to see MY idols Here in my Country! Costa Rica Att: Juan Carlos Campos KISS Army Costa Rica
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