Baby loves Monster
Subject: Baby loves Monster
From: Kribb on 10/30/2012
Check out my 1 year old son expressing his joy listening to Monster
Me Dressed As Gene For A Halloween Party
Subject: Me Dressed As Gene For A Halloween Party
From: Kenny Zellner on 10/30/2012
We celebrated Halloween at a party last Satruday, 10/27/12. This is myself dressed up as Gene Simmons. I was the hit of the party! Love the costume!! Kenny
Halloween 2012
Subject: Halloween 2012
From: Rob Kiskaden on 10/29/2012
Here's me dressed as Gene for a Halloween Bash Oct 27 in Morehead, KY. My band played a set that night and yes, I was the Demon...
Gene Simmons Pumpkin
Subject: Gene Simmons Pumpkin
From: Brad on 10/29/2012
A Gene Simmons Pumpkin I carved myself! Happy Halloween!
& Makeup Halloween Pub Crawl
Subject: KISS & Makeup Halloween Pub Crawl
From: Gerry / Boog / Kirk / Heath on 10/29/2012
Just wanted to share a pre-party pic of our Legends of Rock - KISS & Makeup Pub Crawl for Halloween 2012. The crowd response was over the top when we exited our party bus at each stop. It was overwelming to say the least. The crowds really believed it was the real KISS! Kirk (Gene) even strapped on a bass after being chanted onto stage by the crowd at a local island festival called Octoberfest. He and the festival band then broke into "Strutter" for the cheering crowd and as we exited, the band followed up with "Rock & Roll All Nite" and the rest is as they say"KISStory!" Best Halloween Ever in Galveston, TX....KISS stole the show and preached the word of Rock & Roll! Keep Rocking Guy's, Gerry / Boog / Kirk / Heath
Halloween 2012
Subject: Halloween 2012
From: Mike Rhodes on 10/29/2012
Loyal KISS for since 1974
fans in Quebec
Subject: Kiss fans in Quebec
From: David on 10/29/2012
Hi, this weekend was awesome because of Halloween partys... I knew that there's an impressive amount of extreme fans of Kiss including here in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, but this weekend I was surprised to find more again like one who is a bar manager, that was awesome and I also met Sam huntington at a convention, Reunion Stellaire with other fabulous people like actors and actress from Stargate, Superman, Battlestar Galactica... it can't be better, maybe as good but not better ;) Today I want to share what was in the local newspaper I know it's in french language but it's possible to translate somewhere with another website. This Rebel Rockin Trooper from hell with a Ukulele blaster was me :D
Halloween Pictures
Subject: Halloween Pictures
From: Brian Whitis on 10/29/2012
My wife and I love to dress up as Paul and Gene every years for Halloween. This is us last Saturday when we went out.
my photos
Subject: my photos
From: Dan Gleason on 10/29/2012
halloween 2012
Halloween 2012
Subject: Halloween 2012
From: Brian Moore on 10/29/2012
Getting ready to make my enterance at our Elks Lodge Pub Crawl where the DJ jammed Detroit Rock City, and of course I had to do lip sync routine...that was an awesome hit, of course.
Tommy Thayer for Halloween
Subject: Tommy Thayer for Halloween
From: Darryl Webster on 10/29/2012
My attempt as Tommy Thayer Make Up for Halloween Party Loving the new MONSTER CD KICKS MAJOR ASS! Darryl Webster Oshawa ON Canada
Halloween 2012 at Elks Ldoge
Subject: Halloween 2012 at Elks Ldoge
From: Brian Moore on 10/29/2012
Our Bartenders at the Elks Lodge in Canandaigua NY kept the crowd satisfied all night long.
Halloween 2012
Subject: Halloween 2012
From: Brian Moore on 10/29/2012
KISS invades Thompson Hospital in Canandaigue NY. I work here as an Emergency Room RN on the night shift, and dropped in at 2am to see a few co-workers after a local Halloween party.
Halloween Pub Crawl 2012
Subject: Halloween Pub Crawl 2012
From: Brian Moore on 10/29/2012
Went to our Elks Lodge's annual Halloween Pub Crawl. My wife dared me to go as Gene, who I have talked about doing for years, so I did, bought the completed outfit, practiced my make-up, and WOW, what a hit, Won first place at the costume party too. Nobody knew who I was, until I told them, they couldn't believe it was me, and of course, everyone wanted a picture with KISS. This is with my step daughters jamming out to Detroit Rock City being blasted by the DJ as I had to perform the song for the crowd. I have follwed KISS since 1977, did meet and greet in 2009 at MSG in NYC. Thank for all the Rock and Roll memories, and know to the new memories I will create every year in Canandaigua NY at the annual Halloween parties, representing "The Hottest Band in the World.......KISS".
Halloween 2012
Subject: Halloween 2012
From: Jason Hlinka on 10/29/2012
Long time fan, for almost 30 years now. Here's me (as Paul) and my friends dressed up as KISS this past weekend for a Halloween party. We came in first place in the costume contest. :-)
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