From: ANTHONY LAURO on 10/03/2012
Did my first meet and greet at the Jones Beach show on September 22, 2012. It was absolutely amazing!!!!!!
Subject: KISS MONSTER! #1
From: Ivan on 10/03/2012
Hi, I hope you publish my letter on your site. As a long time KISS fanatic, my deepest wish is to see KISS' Monster album debut at number 1 on billboard. It's amazing to think that KISS have yet to achieve this feat. Basically, let's crank up the promotion and get as many people as we can to buy it in week 1. If we can reach 200k, number 1 is assured. Forever KISS!!! C'MON KISS ARMY, LET'S BE HEARD!!!
paul`s mom
Subject: paul`s mom
From: michael fargo on 10/03/2012
I just checked the latest news on the site and was saddened to hear of the passing of Paul`s mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in these tough times. Keep strong. We all love you. Michael
Thanks for the Concert!
Subject: Thanks for the Concert!
From: Germán on 10/02/2012
Hey guys... Just want to say thanks for this memorable night. I grew up listening to your music. My first cassette at the age of 5 was DESTROYER and then DYNASTY. I am a BIG fan and I felt like a child again when I listened the old tunes and I am glad to see that after these years, you guys STILL ROCK! Again, thanks and greetings from MEXICO. WE LOVE YOU, GUYS!
Subject: MONSTER
From: Stephen on 10/02/2012
I will be at Wal-Mart at Midnight to get MONSTER cd. Hopefully i will drink plenty of beer and feel at home and feel all the love that KISS gives. OK OK does emotional music have quite an effect on you. You bet the KISS on your ASS it does!
on Character Day at High School
Subject: KISS on Character Day at High School
From: Kent Stewart on 10/02/2012
I am a teacher at South Point High School in South Point Ohio, This week is spirit week at our school and four of our students decided to dress up as KISS for character day. Being that I have a corner in my classroom dedicated to KISS, this just made my day! Thanks to Brooke, Alayna, Elaine, and Emily for being great students throughout high school ( they are seniors this year). They made this teachers day!
Hello Paul!
Subject: Hello Paul!
From: ARMANDO LEMES on 10/02/2012
Hi, Paul, my name is Armando, i´m sending this mail to say to you buddy, me and my family are with you in this difficult moment to you and your family entire because the lose of your mother, there is no words to explain our sincerely feelings, but you know that apart of Gene, Erick, Thommy, you have a great friend in me and the fans here in Mexico City, God bless you and hope you can have soon resignation for this sadness episode in your life, also i want to thank you for the great show that KISS gave us in Foro Sol this past Sept. 29/2012. Sincerely, ARMANDO.
From: Martin Zamorano - KISSFEVER Argentina on 10/02/2012
Hey Gene and Paul, I am Ramiro and I have 6 years, this year my dad will take me to my first kiss concert on November seven. I can´t wait to see you with Eric and Tommy. I send this drawing I do. KISSES Rami
The Beginnings
Subject: The Beginnings
From: Alan G Parker on 10/02/2012
It all began way back in a little town called Blackburn, Lancashire (UK)... We were in the school record room playing an album by Slade called 'Flame', it would have been about 1978/79... A kid from the year above came in and took the album off the record player, he replaced it with 'Alive 2' by KISS and for me everything changed! I was bullied when I was young, picked on a lot, a little guy who grew big later... My only out-let was music and super hero comics... Now, for the first time ever, I had both in one move... I bought 'Alive 2' and 'Love Gun' within three weeks, I started to find out everything I could about KISS... I started seeing them live as soon as I left school, I joined the KISS ARMY in 1983... In 29 days I board a ship in Miami for KISS KRUISE 2... I am now a Film Director and KISS are a huge part of my life... I saw them in Vegas just weeks ago, and here in the UK the 'Monster' arrives on Monday... It is indeed all good...
Thank you!!!
Subject: Thank you!!!
From: The Administrators of the Boyce Family Fund on 10/02/2012
To the members of KISS, We wanted to thank you for contributing items for The Boyce Family Auction, the proceeds of which have been donated to help them pay for the funeral of their young son, William Boyce. Craig Boyce has always been an avid KISS fan. People in the KISS Army have come to know and respect him, to consider him a dear friend. When we heard of the tragic loss of his young son, we wanted to do something special to help out, something that all members of the KISS Army could choose to participate in. An auction seemed to be the ideal way to raise money for the family. KISS fans from all over the world offered items to be auctioned, many of which were KISS memorabilia. When we organized the auction, we decided to reach out to KISS. We were surprised and so pleased, when you donated a bevy of items to be auctioned off. The KISS T-shirts, CD’s and the signed KISS Kompendium book, captured peoples’ attention, spurning them to bid and contribute higher donations. People were excited, not only to help the family, but to own a piece of KISS, an item donated by their favorite band. Angela and Craig Boyce and we, the administrators of the auction, can never thank you enough. All in all, the auction raised $5,200, which has been donated to the Boyces. The gifts from KISS alone generated $1,890! KISS has always been known to give back to the fans, not only when you perform, but when you answer the call, whether it be to fulfill a dream or to help a worthy cause. Thank you again from all of us for helping a family in need, for giving back to your fans one hundred percent, and for continuing to provide us with the best entertainment possible! KISS forever! Sincerely, The Administrators of the Boyce Family Fund Maryanne Schaeffer, Caleigha McKinley, Kate Bigerna, Melissa Haraway Greene, Jane Kostopoulos, Caren R. Shiavello, Lorraine Christina Thorne and Ross Berg
in Mexico & Argentina
Subject: Kiss in Mexico & Argentina
From: Carlos on 10/02/2012
This is great stuff
From: MONGIE on 10/02/2012
The best night of my life ... and now I can not imagine my life without that night! Neither the flood that hit a few hours earlier, at Foro Sol, decreased the concert tonight was memorable, I can say I've seen the best concert of my life, I have a great experience throughout the concert I was shocked I thought that by the third time, I was watching the world's hottest group KISS, the setlist was a time machine, lighting fireworks, Gene taking fire, spitting blood, flying Paul, Tommy and Eric for showing how good are, I was in shock, my heart beating fast, sing, shout, had a lump in my throat, too much emotion, too much adrenaline, I really feel are particularly unique. Paul Stanley showed his professionalism, his mother died the day of the concert and went to entregrarse as how big it is, without knowing us fans as we always give 1000%, I think that with this Paul felt sheltered. All this I have lived Kiss World, would not have been possible, thanks to a very important person in my life Ruben Villatoro (the love of my life) Kiss met Ruben shared his love for me and I was hooked Kiss to all life. Thanks Love On the night of September 29, 2012 has been the best night of my life! TKS KISS
interview from Argentina tv
Subject: KISS interview from Argentina tv
From: Martin Zamorano - KISSFEVER Argentina on 10/02/2012
A link to a KISS intervierw in Mexico.... great the KISS ARMY FROM ARGENTINA
new member of the
Subject: new member of the
From: Andres Moreno on 10/02/2012
Hello dear army here is a new member of my son William, I hope the band return to Colombia soon to enjoy with. Greetings to the world's hottest band KISS. KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS!!! Andres Moreno
Paul in Magazine
Subject: Paul in Magazine
From: naokiss on 10/02/2012
Paul Stanley will be on the cover of the November 2012 issue of the Japanese BURRN! magazine.
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