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Bushkill concert

Posted on 07/17/2011
Hi, I honestly am amazed by your brilliant performance on top of the mountain in Bushkill,Pa. My friend was driving and we were wondering if a UFO was going to greet us, but we are glad you were there. It was actually a relief! Lori and I were sitting on the sharply angled mountain in front of the shell. I really love to move around-maybe you saw my pink VS top sliding down the hill.Me Happy was the drink of the evening from Seagrams-in front of the entrance. They found us very annoying. 1 each. And your concert is the best I have ever seen-and I have seen the Stones among others. The BEST.And I am a Cirque du Soleil avid fan-I love the flash and flying around. You rank at the top of my list. Thank you. Thank you f or coming to such a tiny location and making it important. I really loved you for it. Janice
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