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Posted on 07/18/2011
Hey Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy! Can't wait to see you guys tonight in Springfield, Illinois!! I can't even count the number of KISS concerts I've seen over all of the 34 years of my 40 years that I've been a huge fan, but it's been dozens! Anyway, don't know if you guys will actually see this, but I just wanted to invite you guys to lunch with us here at the Illinois Air National Guard 183rd FW here in Springfield, IL! I'm a Jet Engine Mechanic here, and today we're having a nice luncheon to recognize a few of our folks here. I know you guys are busy and must recieve more invites than can possibly happen, but if you happen to get the chance, come on out!! Otherwise, I, along with my son, wife and niece will see you at the show tonight!!
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