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Come back!!

Posted on 07/19/2011
Please come back to the Virginia beach, VA area. The outdoor venue is grreat for us fans with kids. The next time you roll into town will be my 21st time seeing you in mylife and my 3 chilrens' 2nd. The are twin girls 6, and boy, 4. Everytime I am on your webiste we spend an hour or so watching live footage. My kids all have their favorite member as do I. They ride down the street yelling "I'm Star Child, I' Catman, I'm Spaceman, mommy is Demon and daddy is The Elder". See they know their KIDSSTORY. I even have Phantom of the Park on VHS and we watch it every halloween. I remember seeing it premier many years ago. The gifts you have given me and I have been able ot pass on to my kids I can nenver repay. JUST COME AROUND AGAIN! I want them to experience it again!
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