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Springfield Show ROCKED!

Posted on 07/22/2011
Guys, my wife and I have been KISS fans since '77 when we were 10 year old kids in awe of the Hottest band in the World! The Springfield show was our 4th KISS show in the last calender year and you still get better each time. This one however, was special as I purchased the meet and greet experience as an anniversary present for my wife. For her and I to meet our rock idols, it was an unbelievable, unforgettable experience. You guys were absolutely awesome! The icing on the cake was just as Paul was leaving the meet and greet, we were able to get a photo of him with my wife which was an absolute dream come true for her! Thank you Paul. You're gracious act of stopping for a photo as you were being whisked away will forever be a memory we will always cherish. The meet and greet was worth every penny and I can't wait for the new album and tour so we can do it all over again. Paul, Gene, Tommy and guys absolutely ROCK!!!!!
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