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KISS Wedding Vows

Posted on 07/24/2011
This Sunday My wife Crystal and I renewed our wedding vows after 15 years of marriage together. We were married by Justice of the Peace and did not have any family or friends to witness our ceremony first time. Being a life time Kiss fan I decided to make sure I added a little Kiss to the wedding vows(poem) I wrote and read to her during the cermony which she had no idea I was doing. Needless to say the Poem and the Kiss reference at the end went over very well. I just thought I would share a little of my personal Kisstory with you. Scott Jacksonville Florida Standing on this beachside As I stare into your eyes I see nothing but the joy of my life Today as I look back in time I think of the time we first met And the way that my heart felt I know now what true love is As I stand here in front of this crowd Holding your hand and loving you Has made all my dreams come true I make this promise again today To love and make you happy through all that may still remain Crystal Until the end of this time I could not imagine my life without your smile! You are my love You are my life Finally as I stand here in front you I am reminded of the words of the famous poet Stanley I was made for loving you And you were made for loving me! I love you forever!!
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