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KISS ay Montreal Heavy MTL Fest

Posted on 07/24/2011
KISS “MASTERS” of Heavy MTL Festival The 2011 Montreal Heavy MTL fest was sweaty, raw and LOUD. The 2 day event showcased 40 bands and was attended by thousands of head-banging music fans. This feast of a rock and roll smorgasbord that was capped off by a scorching spectacle provided by none other than the rock gods of KISS!!! From the time the massive silver “KISS” banner was dropped with a humongous, deafening explosion of pyro, KISS grabbed the festival crowd by the throat and did not let go until the last notes of Rock and Roll All Nite echoed into the distance. The boys were on fire… Gene stalked the stage making his demonic presence known… Tommy dazzled all with his blazing solos… Eric brought the crowd to its feet with his feverish drum work… And what about Paul? HE WAS EVERYWHERE!!! He never stopped moving. He was singing ALL the songs, even the ones that others sang while he danced around the stage. He looked like he was having a blast up there!!! From the first album through Sonic Boom, the hits were flying. The fans pumped their fists in time with the beat as classic after classic boomed through the amplifiers. Deuce… Detroit Rock City… Lick It Up… Say Yeah… The killer tunes just kept coming!!! They even threw in the Guess Who’s AMERICAN WOMAN!!!! This was my 20th show, but each one always feels like the first all over again. Each is special and magical in its own way. I know this tour is just about to end but there is a new album on the horizon… WOW!!! Is this 2011 or 1977? Thanks, KISS for another incredible evening of explosions, music and memories!!! I can’t wait for the next one!!! Oh… AND a note for Lemmy (Motorhead) who said earlier this year: “Rock and Roll does NOT sound like KISS. We are Motorhead and WE play rock and roll.” …I have now seen you both at Heavy MTL. With all due respect: You rock… However: KISS ROCKS!!! Mike Mariacher
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