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Bushkill Falls Concert

Posted on 07/26/2011
Just wanted to thank you guys for the best birthday I ever had! I never thought I'd feel like a kid again at 47! I thought I had won the lottery when I heard you guys would be playing in the NY area ON my birthday. Then I wound up getting 9th row tickets! Just when I thought nothing could top that, we won the drawing the radio station did outside the venue and got to go backstage and quickly meet you guys and get a picture! Not bad after having been to every show in the NY/NJ area since the Dynasty tour in 79 when I was all of 15. And yet the awesome birthday got even better when you guys hit the stage. I've always gotten my moneys worth through the years, but this night was by far the best I have ever seen you guys. I have noticed as this lineup matures, you somehow keep getting even better. The sound, and the whole vibe has been amazing over the past few tours. I can honestly say that you have re-captured the ferocity of what a KISS experience really is all about. After the Pa. show I left that place with every one of my senses pushed to the limit. I had always wondered what it would have felt like being at a KISS show back in the beginning, way back in the 70's and I honestly feel like this show may have been about as close as I have ever come to getting the full brunt of a KISS assault. This birthday was the best, and a true testament to a band that instead of slowing down, somehow has as much energy and punch as you did on day one! This is why you guys are still on top! I wanted the best and I got way more than the best! See you next time!
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