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Today Marks a Personal Landmark for me as a fan-THANK YOU KISS

Posted on 07/28/2011
Hey Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy, Today marks a very important personal landmark for me as a KISS fan of 34 years. Fifteen years ago, today, on July 28, 1996, the last night of the four night stand at New York City's heralded Madison Square Garden, was my very first KISS show during their 1996 Reunion Tour. I was 28 then, and hadn't been able to see the band before, so when they announce this tour, I jumped at the chance. It was an awesome show seeing all four original members, Gene, Peter, Paul and Ace in their Love Gun Era costumes. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I want thank Gene, Paul , Peter, and Ace for that concert. It inspired me to attend so many more shows. I eventually would attend a lot of KISS related events, 46 KISS shows, countless KISS Expos. I met so many fun and interesting members of the KISS Army at these events. I have gotten to meet the members of the band (except for Eric Carr (RIP of course). I even got to meet Doc McGhee. Great guys. Thanks to everyone in KISS, and everyone who has ever been: Gene, Paul,Peter, Ace, Tommy, Eric S, Eric C (RIP), Bruce, Vinnie, Mark (RIP) Thanks for everything. You all are awesome. Terri Bey Lexington, KY L
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