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Meeting Gene

Posted on 07/28/2011
I've waited 28yrs for this day and I finally got to meet Gene. Thanks Gene for coming out and hanging with us fans in the lobby for 15min, at Casino Rama, even though you looked a bit tired It was still nice to see you. While I was talking to Gene, he said"you just missed Paul S."I said "really?" Paul walked right behind me and I missed him@#* I would have really liked to say hi so I went to the front of the hotel and saw he was already in the big black van So I waived and he waived back. Thanks to Tommy also for taking a picture with us while he waited for his breakfast in the lower restaurant you are very gracious and all around nice guy. You guys rocked Casino Rama! And looking forward to the day when you come back to Sudbury and play more of your un-heard material like "Spit" ""On the 8th day" "Nowhere to run" "Escape from the Island" "Trial by fire" "Lightning strikes" "Killer" "Down on your knees" "I'm a legend tonite" "Nowhere to run" you get the idea :) Thanks for all you do! Dominic Demers in Sudbury Ontario CAN.
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