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First KISS for your biggest new Canadian Fan!

Posted on 07/30/2011
Dear KISS, Just over a year ago, I became a big fan of KISS. Since then, I have made my own Gene costume, made a Paul costume for my wife (we ruled Halloween!), collected every album, all the KISSologies, and numerous concert DVDs, not to mention my Gene Simmons Axe Guitar Hero controller and numerous t-shirts. In fact I found the Alive box set to complete my album collection just the other day. I have read several histories of the band, and proudly claim to be your biggest “new” Canadian fan. When I heard you were going to be playing in Montreal, I made a point of buying my tickets the day they went on sale to make sure that I was going to get to see my first KISS show. The show at Heavy MTL lived up to all my expectations. I had seen several shows on DVD , but there’s nothing like being there. My wife (pictured with me) and I planted our feet about 30 feet away from the stage 4 hours before show time and didn't move until the confetti fell during Rock and Roll All Nite. What a great show – even if it was a little shorter than usual! I loved every second of it! I want to thank you for a great show - and hope to see you back in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec touring when the new album is released. I can’t wait to see my second KISS show! Thanks for an incredible memory! Bob
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