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The GREATEST band keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!!!!!

Posted on 08/02/2011
WOW!!!! KISS did it again! .Let there be NO DOUBT!!!!! KISS RULES! While other bands are getting worse and worse every year, KISS is getting BETTER and BETTER!!!! They are truly the best band that has ever graced a stage... Take it from me...I have seen KISS 36 times in the last 5 years...This year I travelled to Puerto Rico, Houston, Sacramento, Everett, Spokane, Bushkill, and Verona. Each of these shows was an INCREDIBLE display of talent, strength, power, energy, and love for the KISS ARMY! ...and we truly appreciate everything they do for us! It is true that everyone in the world should see KISS at least once in their lives...but once you will keep coming back. For me, a KISS show is the happiest place to be. There is no feeling like it. KISS truly loves their fans...and the KISS ARMY loves KISS. . .WE ARE THE BEST FANS!!!!...and KISS IS THE BEST BAND!!!!...Other bands will never have what KISS has....EVER! I just want to thank Paul, Eric, Tommy, and Gene for giving us something to look forward to every year. KISS never disappoints.....EVER!!!!! We can't wait to hear the new album...and we can't wait to see you again on tour soon. We will keep our luggage close by and ready to go. Seeing KISS is truly a life-changing experience.....and it keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!!!!!!
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