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Posted on 08/03/2011
Ayoo Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric! my name is vin padulese, im 18 years old from the city of brotherly love, philadelphia, PA. where do i begin? You guys have been a HUGE factor on my life since i was in kindergarten, it all started with the psycho circus action figures, then it escolated to buying the psycho circus album, then it evolved into bigger things. when i was 12 years old, i saw the music video for rock n roll all nite from KISS symphony, and from that moment on, i was hooked. when i was 10, my mom and dad gave me the mcfarlane KISS ALIVE! stage set as a christmas present. and now where does all this go? now a days, i've been studying the pinnacle of every KISS fans life, KISS TRIBUTE BANDS. im practicing to be a Gene Tribute artist, yeah thats right gene, im portraying you. oh which reminds me! im also a professional bassist, and the only music i wanna play is everything that you guys have written over the years, every band ive played with over the years knows one thing about me, i LOVE KISS! its safe to say that i am 100% Krazy for KISS, the number 1 attribute that i have, is being a KISS fan since 1998, i know everything there is to know about the band, and i thank all 4 of you sincerley for giving meaning in my life, you all rock, i feel a sense of comfort when i speak about you guys, i feel as if i understand you and you understand me, even though you guys dont even know i exist or anything but i wish you did! thanks for 12 years of pure awsomeness! Vinny P, P.S Congratulations on gettin hitched gene!! im proud of you man! (:
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