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Kids React To Sonic BOOM!

Posted on 08/09/2011
12 year old Cassius Morris and 16 year old Saphire Tillmon react to Sonic BOOM on their KISS podcast, "Creatures Of The Net"! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- On episode 22 of Creatures Of The Net, Saphire and the gang talk about the newest KISS album- Sonic BOOM!(We find that the capital "BOOM" makes the title "cooler".) Joining your two hosts is the ultimate KISS fan, Matt Porter! The three KISS-keteers talk Sonic BOOM (see, I told you!), confusion at Wal-Mart and angry KISS wives! As usual, we will also be playing some FANTASTIC music played by the hands of the hottest band in the land... that was a little creepy... Anyways, all of that and more on episode #22 of COTN. Episode Link: COTN Website Link:
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