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KISS MTV Unplugged

Posted on 08/09/2011
Just wanted to drop you guys a note... My younger brother Michael passed away this date 26 years ago, August 9, 1985. He was 17 years old. Not only is this date the anniversary of his passing, this is also the date that KISS did their Unplugged MTV show. This particullar show happened on the EXACT 10th. anniversary date of Mikes' death, August 9,1995. On this day in 1995, I knew where KISS was staying at what hotel. I went to the hotel to get some autographs and some photos. My wife was afraid of the state of mind I was in, but I assured her I would just go into the city, get some autographs and photos and come home. I got to the hotel only to find out I actually just missed Paul, Gene, Bruce and Eric. I was pretty bummed. It was at this point where I met one of my friends, Steve, who was with Peter Criss!! I had no idea Peter would be there, so I didn't have anything for him to sign. I did get in a photo with him, so that was cool. Peter and my friend Steve got into a cab and left. I met with some other friends and came to find out why Peter was at the same hotel KISS was at, they were to be doing the Unplugged show that night! I couldn't believe it. My friends then told me that Ace was in the hotel also. WOW!!! I remember jumping up and down at having this information, but then realizing I did not have a ticket for the show. That's when my friend Russell Dannicker told me that he had an extra ticket. He said he would give me the extra one he had!! WOW!! UNREAL!! I ran to the nearest phone to call my wife and let her know what was going on. She couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it. I was going to see KISS reunite unplugged!! I got to see the KISSTORICAL show (thanks Russell). I also am in the official video. On such a somber night it turned out to be a VERY special night. Mike knew how much I love KISS, I honestly know that this was his way to let me know he's O.K. This show could've happened ANY other date, or not even have happened at all. I was not even supposed to be there. Love you Mike, miss you, and thank you.
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