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You guys made my mom happy!

Posted on 08/10/2011
Hey KISS, I just wanted to tell you how much your one band means to me. I have sort of a weird story to tell you all. About 2 years ago my mom went through the worst divorce of her life, She was divorcing her husband of 5 years. Her husband (my stepdad) was controlling. He made her go into a great depression that lasted for almost a year. After my mom and I got our own place, things seemed better, But turns out they weren't. My mom was so depressed that she did not even want to get out of bed to take a shower, eat meals, or go to the bathroom. I tried everything to cheer her up. Then finally I remembered her favorite song of all time, that always made her wanna dance and sing along to it.....That song was "Detroit rock city" It took me a little while to find the song, but I did! After playing it a couple times, she finally started to sing the lyrics and smile! I could not believe ONE song made my mother soooo happy! I can't thank you guys enough for everything! Now my mother is a stable, nice, very happy person, Because of you guys! Last month I took her too your concert in Manchester, NH she described it as, "A amazing experiance, that she will NEVER forget!" Thanks again, guys.....I love you all! Love, Maiya P.S. My favorite show is Gene Simmons family jewels!
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