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KISS Coffee House 5th Anniversary

Posted on 08/15/2011
This past Friday the 12th My boyfriend and myself Drove over 18 hours from Concord,new Hampshire to meet Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer... I purchased these tickets because he has been a fan since he was 7 years old, I only the other hand recently became a fan when Gene Simmons family Jewels stated on TV. I am currently diasbled due to major back problems and really shouldnt do stuff like this... I know I will suffer for the next few days for it, hwoever it was so worth it to see him this happy... he does absolutely everything for me and I was very grateful to Tommy and Eric. They are such nice guys and it made the trip all that much more worth it. I just want to say Thank you again Tommy aand Eric for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity as well as to the enitre kiss band for being inredible enough to make my boyfriend remail a fan for 33 years of his life... Sincerely, Star
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