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Coffeehouse 5th yr. anniversary party

Posted on 08/16/2011
As soon as I heard that Tommy & Eric were going to be at the KISS Coffeehouse at Myrtle Beach, I had to get tix for my 9 yr. old daughter Megan.....she is infatuated with KISS & just loves I thought it was only fitting to let her meet some of her idols. Despite the heat, the lines & the rain....we had a blast. Tommy & Eric were the nicest guys.....they took the time to talk to everyone & ask questions....they signed everything you had & asked about some of the items. My daughter took two pictures we shot at the Bushkill Falls concert on 07/13/2011 & had them sign. She told Tommy that she got one of his pick from the concert & was going to frame it with the photo. Thanks KISS Coffeehouse, Tommy, & Eric for some really fantastic memories.
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