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Posted on 08/22/2011
Hallo, my name is Desislava and I'm from Bulgaria.I really love the music you play and I remember when my brother played one of your songs on the guitar I started asking which band is this and he told me KISS!When I downloaded all of your songs and watched ,,Detroit rock city'' I felt in love.And when you came to Bulgaria my mother didn't let me go with my brother and I started crying because I really wanted to see my idols live!Now I'm begging you please come back in Bulgaria/Sofia and play for all of your fans I'm sure you are not disappointed from the Bulgarian crowd because not every day a famous band comes to our country,but when it comes we explode.This is way I'm asking you to do this not only for me,but for all of your fans who couldn't go to this mega great concert.. Yours faithfully Desislava Lubenova Sofia/Bulgaria see you soon!
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