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Posted on 08/22/2011
Hi guys, In 1976 I was ten years old, very tall, very overweight, and ridiculed by almost everyone in my grade - basically miserable until one day a kid in my class brought in Destroyer to play on the class phonograph during a rainy recess afternoon. From that moment on, my life changed. Kind of cliche to say but my eyes and my mind opened up to a much bigger world. I was consumed by all things kiss (purchased everything I could get my hands on) and determined to make some big changes - started working out-losing weight, picked up the guitar, build up my confidence and i honestly owe it all to the greatest band in the world. There is something very powerful in your music, your message, your blow them out of the water presence and when I needed it, you gave me the balls to stand up and turn my life around. Its funny but my original reason for submitting this letter was to ask you if you could include another round of klassic kiss songs in the new album. I loved the extra cd on sonic boom (so did my 5yr old son) but once I started writing I had to tell u my story and thank you for helping me become the person I am today. I am forever a diehard Kiss fan. Forever grateful - Adam Soffer
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