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KISS Kruise

Posted on 08/22/2011
Hey Guys, CANNOT wait until the Kruise!, to help me through this agonizing anticipation I started a Kruisers page on Facebook. It is not "my " page really because it belongs to all of us! right now we have 130 Kruisers in our community and I must tell you we are ALMOST just as excited to meet each other as we are to meet you! we are constantly weighing in with each other about our favorite tours, albums, songs, solos, and anything else you can think of KISS related. We even have a few celebrities on there too. So if your fans are still reading this, I have one question?...what are you waiting for? KISS KRUISERS on Facebook and come join us. If for some strange reason you can't decide if you want to on the Kruise or not, come spend a little time with'll be reserving your stateroom before you know it!. Harris from Fort Lauderdale
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