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Obsessed with KISS

Posted on 08/25/2011
My son Carson is obsessed with KISS...soooooo cute. He just turned 6 today...Happy Birthday Carson!! He is thrilled to have the same birthday as Gene Simmons...Happy Birthday Gene!! He has been singing KISS songs since he was 2, went to his first concert when he was 5, and it has been non-stop ever since the concert. He paints his face everyday with whatever he can get his hands on, from paint to markers to chalk to even toothpaste...YIKES. He knows how to log onto the computer and watches KISS videos everyday. He drums on everything, plays air guitar and sings non-stop. He wants to go on the KISS KRUISE so bad, and thought he was going to be invited to Gene's birthday party. He even wanted to send Gene a birthday card to wish him a Happy Birthday, how sweet is he? Anyway, his KISS bithday party is on Saturday, he is doing to die when he see's his KISS birthday cake... :)
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