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Posted on 08/28/2011
Hi, My name is Jennifer, I love your music!!! I have been listening to you since I was 9. My uncle Jack and uncle Tommy would always listen to you, I would always hear them playing your songs, so when I was 9 I asked Tommy to let me listen to his tape (we did not have cd's then lol). So he made me one. When I was 15, my uncle Tommy took me to my first concert, and of course it was KISS!!!! My uncle Jack was there too, just not with us. It was incredible!!! I loved it. My uncle Jack was probably your biggest fan. He had all the shirts, dolls, puzzle, and everything else you had. He had 2 rooms dedicated to KISS. He had a tattoo of Gene's face on his arm. Sadly he died a couple of years ago in a fire. But I just wanted to let you know how much you guys are loved!!!
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