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A KISS of Boston Nightlife

Posted on 09/04/2011
To KISS, I have enjoyed a successful career in Boston nightlife since 2009. From my days as a DJ to today running my promotions venture SK3 Worldwide, I have had the good fortune of bringing the monthly dance party LEGACY to some of New England's hottest nightspots (yes, that would be me in the pic you see here, masquerading as The Demon). KISS are the band, the entity, that made me obsessed with music and entertainment since the age of 10. It all started for me during the Crazy Nights era, and continues to run wild today as we head into the new era in 2012: the era of MONSTER. In the past 24 years, I have seen you kill it onstage 12 times, and I have been honored to meet many fabulous members of the KISS Army (some of whom have truly become family to me). As relentless and fearless KISS have always been throughout the generations, I take that same approach today when promoting LEGACY and other nightlife events through SK3 Worldwide. As we head into our next LEGACY dance riot this Wednesday night, September 7 at Boston's Guilt Nightclub (featuring headliner DJ Die Young, with resident DJs Punketta and Fuse), I do so with much love, respect and gratitude for everyone who helped my career growth accelerate, and to KISS, for being my greatest inspiration to chase perfection and achieve greatness. On the daily! To the greatest of our time. The greatest of ALL time. I salute you. Now, always and forever. KISS Army strong 4 life, Sheldon Kane III Founder, SK3 Worldwide
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