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Posted on 09/05/2011
Hi there! I am a 44 yrs old drummer from Norway who play drums in norwegian classic rock band HUMBUCKER. We have just released our debut album called R.O.C.K.S! We recorded it in Norway with producer Thomas Wang. The mix and mastering was done in the US by Beau Hill and the cover and Cd-package was made in England by Hugh Gilmour. The record is distributed, digitally for downloading world-wide and can be bought wherever you buy your fine music! A song I wrote for the album is called THE WAY I AM, which is exactly what it is! It`s about me... As you will hear, it`s not hard to understand where it all came from. I even threw inn a "Cold Gin opening" on the drums! I`v been a huge fan since 1977 and I hope you will upload this on your page! And of course: I`m really waiting for "Monster" to be released! Exiting times it is indeed!! Thank you so much for your time! All the best. Geir arne Dale, Norway.
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