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Loving you near and far!

Posted on 09/09/2011
Hello! My name is Katherine and I am 14 years old! :) My very first Kiss concert was in Detroit at Pine Knob when I was 3 monhs old and my parents changed my diaper right in front of Mr. Ace... :) I have traveled to Europe just to see you guys on your "Kiss Alive 35 tour, in Belgium. :) I was born in America, but only lived there for exactly half of my life... so far. Right now, my mom works for the government and we live in South Africa. (the picture above is my wonderful family at kimberly, a diamond mine). This summer was one of the most amazing summers of my life, because it has been fours years since I've been back to my hometown of Detroit and all I was looking forward to was seeing your godlike figures on the stage! :) It was my 14th (believe it or not) concert seeing you guys! :) However, my dad no longer being a journalist because we live overseas, could not get us to the front row, so I watched you from one of the farhest places. Normally, I would be so bored if it was any other band, but IT WAS YOU! It was one of the most mystical concerts that I have ever been to, because I could see the whole show and I could feel the atmosphere of the crowd. I also saw Mr. Ace Frehley and paid $200 dollars to meet him backstage and it was amazing! :) I would like to thank you for the best summer that I have ever had! Even my friends are jelous (adult friends) of me, still. I know it sounds sad, but i cry when I think of that night! The night in 5 years when I finally got to see my heroes again!
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