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Show for the Marines

Posted on 09/12/2011
Dear KISS, I perform an alcohol awareness/anti-drunk driving program for high schools and colleges. My program The Magic of Life, combines stand-up comedy, audience participation and my personal story of being a victim/survivor of a drunk driving incident that killed my mother and almost myself when I was barely 8 weeks old. This is not the typical "doom and gloom" alcohol program because not only do I use humor, but also wear a KISS shirt during the program. When I talk about the importance of having pride of who you are and standing up for yourself without caving in to peer pressure, the KISS shirt is uncovered. On Sept 1st, I had the honor of performing my program for the Marines in Washington, DC and no matter where I go, I will have KISS fans in the audience. There were several members of the KISS Army at the Marine show and was able to get a picture with one hero serving our country. It was fun to talk KISS with him and his favorite song is "Strutter." I just wanted to share as you have been a huge inspiration on my life. With the combination of my story and what I learned as a life long KISS fan, I am able to make a difference. If KISS fans want to check out my website, it is and you can check out a promo video with a short piece of the KISS part in it. Thanks again for the music, the memories and the inspiration you have given so many of us. Sincerely, Michael Gershe The Magic of Life
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