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Posted on 09/13/2011
Hey KISS! I am a HUGE FAN I have seen you guys twice once in December 2009 In Austin, Texas then again where I did a Meet and Greet in 2010 San Antonio. Thank you for an amazing concert! I can't wait to M&G all over again on your nest tour! Anyway I'm also a HUGE fan of your Stage set up! I loved the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour Stage. I have been drawing that stage on any spare sheet of paper. Then I decided to design a stage for kicks for your upcoming album and maybe tour? Anyway I wish you guys added a tech tour along with the Meet and Greet!!! I would give anything to see how it all works and meet the Wonderful crew- Which I am a major fan of as well! Thank you for everything and I can't wait for the Tour and NEW Album! Thanks Again, Clint Holtzendorf Dripping Springs,Texas
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