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Posted on 09/15/2011
Hey guys, Just sending you a letter to tell you how huge of a fan i am. I am 14 years old and i live in St. Louis Missouri. I am a huge KISS fan. I'm so huge of a fan i have switched my religion to KISSchianity. My parents think i do not take you guys seriously but i do. I am a collector everything KISS I see for the right price i go and get it. Everyday KISS is in my wardrobe i have the shoes to the belt buckle to the chain wallet to the ties. I saw you guys in concert in Springfield on the 18th you guys were great i sat 5th row that is one of the pictures i took. I really want to go on the KISS Kruse but I don't have the money. Over the summer i also went to the KISS Coffeehouse. Nice place and LOVE THE WORKERS! In April me and my band had a concert and we covered black diamond one of the best KISS songs of all time! When you guys go on tour I think you need to play Im a legend Tonight, You make me rock hard, Is that you, The oath, I, save your love, Magic touch, Everything of Dynasty. And in 2014 I have the best idea for your 40th anniversary. You should play maybe 5 songs from each era and where the costumes. And get all the members that are still living. R.I.P Eric And Mark you will be missed dearly. But i think the fans would love it and i know that you guys will to. And whatever happened to that Peter Criss solo album that was suppose to come out i haven't heard anything about that lately? And congratulations Gene October 1st a day to remember! I love you all I hope to see you guys soon in concert and please please please be around for at least one more era. I want to take my kids to have the experience i have with you guys. Thanks guys and let me know what you think of the 2014 tour idea please. - One of your most DIE HARD FANS! Krys
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