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Posted on 09/19/2011
Dear KISS, I am Jack Koretnicki. I am a HUGE FAN! I am 12 and had my first KISS concert in verona ny in july. I missed out on Sonic Boom on vinyl and i would love to have the new album on vinyl. I have 17 of your albums on vinyl. All four solo albums included. I also have four picture discs, Smashes, Thrashes, And Hits, 1978 original pressing of Peter Criss' Solo album, and Crazy Night's. Also, an interview picture disc from the 80's. And, The unholy cd single. Along with the DYNASTY poster, double platinum insert, rock and roll over decal and the list goes on. I even got a drumhead autograped by eric from the concert (not meet and greet if there was one for that show but from the merchandise stand.) It would be the best thing ever if i could meet you guys on the next tour. By the way, got Sonic Boom on cd two weeks ago. (Modern Day Delilah kicks ass! ) Can't wait for Monster to come out, and really want it on vinyl. Keep rockin guys! Jack
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