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Paul Stanley Backstage With His Fans!!!!

Posted on 10/03/2011
In August 2010 My Family and I Finally got to meet Paul Stanley. After waiting Backstage for hours Paul , Tommy ,Eric and Doc McGhee Walked out and My Jaw dropped . After being a KISS Fan for 28 yrs. It made it very special To know What Kind of people Paul And the Guys are.I:E: Being in shock I could not find My camera. I asked the securitiy person from the venue If he could take a Picture with his blackberry and send it to me.He agreed. After our picture and conversation Paul had to go. As he walked away He looked at the security Gaurd and Said " You Make sure they Get that picture!!! " Doc McGhee thanks for making our dream come true and Bringing me and my Family Back to see the guys. truly a great experience. P.s. Please come back to Saratoga Springs NY !!!
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