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The Demon Charity Run!

Posted on 10/11/2011
Hey guys! I recently ran the world's biggest half marathon (the Great North Run in the UK) as The Demon, and I can't tell you how great the experience was! It was like being in The Beatles! (Or Kiss!) The crowd response was totally amazing - there's such love for Kiss out there! as you probably know! - and I got totally papped too! Interviewed for TV and radio, repeatedly photographed, and even made the BBC's one minute (one minute!) round up of the whole event here - blink and you'll miss me at 14 secs: It was a little bit tough running 13 miles in the face paint, suit and wig - Hotter Than Hell, in fact, but it was all worth it! Especially as I was doing it for charity, myself and my friend Clare raising over $2000 for Children With Cancer. I hope to do more Kiss fundraising soon! Maybe I'll come out and run the New York Marathon in costume! Maybe I can even get four of us to do it, with the whole of Kiss running a marathon! (Has that happened before?) Anyway hope to get to meet you guys some day! Maybe when you play the UK next! In the meantime I'll continue to help spread the word of Kiss as well as raise more money for worthy charities! Mark Locke, UK
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